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Law Firm in Slovakia

Our law firm in Slovakia provides legal assistance to foreign investors interested in starting businesses in this country. We handle all procedures related to registration of companies in Slovakia, as well as related services such as accounting, assistance in litigation casesmergers and acquisitions procedures and other aspects related to corporate law in Slovakia.

Services offered by our lawyers in Slovakia

The range of services provides by our Slovak law firm cover various aspects of the civil and commercial legislation. Among these, we can assist in:

  1. starting a business in Slovakia and obtaining all the necessary business licenses for operating;
  2. taxation matters, such as explaining all the tax regulations individuals and companies must respect in Slovakia;
  3. purchasing a property in Slovakia as an individual or company or even for investment purposes;
  4. litigation cases, no matter if these are conducted outside or within a Slovak court of law;
  5. relocation matters are handled by our immigration lawyers in Slovaka, if you are interested in moving and living in Slovakia for short or long periods of time, or if you want to settle here permanently;
  6. family law matters, if you want to register your marriage or file for divorce with a Slovak court;
  7. employment matters – we can offer support to both employers and employees in Slovakia.
Quick Facts  
Business registration services (YES/NO) YES, our law firm in Slovakia offers business registration support for various types of enterprises


Bank account opening services (YES/NO)


YES, personal and company bank account services are available on demand

Support in tax registration (YES/NO)


YES, in accordance with the tax laws of Slovakia
Assistance in immigrating to Slovakia (YES/NO)

YES, our lawyers in Slovakia can assist in obtaining temporary and permanent residency, as well as citizenship

Guidance in employment matters (YES/NO) YES, support is provided to both employers and employees, both local and foreign
Support in Civil Law matters (YES/NO)

YES, tailored support in Civil Law matters, such as contract-related issues

Support in Family Law cases (YES/NO) You can rely on our Slovak lawyers for support in: marriage registration and dissolution, child custody, division of assets, alimony and spousal support


VAT registration support (YES/NO) Business incorporation with job creation
Tax advisory services (YES/NO) YES, we offer guidance in tax law matters
Debt collection assistance (YES/NO) YES, our litigation attorneys in Slovakia offer
debt recovery services
Support in renting/buying a property (YES/NO) YES, our Slovak law firm can draft and review rental and sale/purchase contracts for real estate property and land 
Assistance in applying for investment visas (YES/NO) YES, assistance for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to immigrate to Slovakia by investment. Our services also include company registration in accordance with the requirements of the program
Estate planning solutions (YES/NO) YES, assistance in drafting wills and other estate planning services are available
Support in intellectual property matters (YES/NO) YES, our lawyers in Slovakia are at the service of persons and companies seeking to obtain various rights over intellectual property creations
Assistance in obtaining a digital nomad visa (YES/NO) YES, we offer assistance to digital nomads

In case you are looking for a lawyer in Slovakia, you should know that we have a team of attorneys specialized in numerous legal areas. For any other topic we did not cover here, our lawyers are at your disposal with complete information.You can also address to us for legal advice on how to immigrate to Slovakia

We invite you to read about our legal services in Slovakia in the infographic below:


Company formation services offered by our lawyers in Slovakia

There are several types of companies that can be incorporated in Slovakia and our team of specialists can help you choose the most suited legal structure for your business objectives. Our Slovak law firm can provide clients with complete guidance during the company incorporation procedure by performing actions such as:

  •  checking  the uniqueness of the proposed company name at the Irish Commercial Register;
  •  notarizing the Articles of Association and related documents;
  •  applying at the One stop shop for trade licenses;
  •  income tax registration and health insurance company;
  •  opening a bank account  for your new company in Slovakia;
  •  applying for registration at the District Court;
  •  registering the company with the local social insurance company.

Once the company is registered with all the relevant authorities, our lawyers in Slovakia can help you apply for the necessary licenses you need to start your business activities. Considering some industries require specific documents to be filed and various approvals to be obtained, our law firm can guide you in obtaining them with industry-specific institutions.

You can rely on us for full business registration services in Slovakia, including virtual office services in order for you to complete the incorporation procedure as fast as possible.

Corporate Law in Slovakia

Our solicitors in Slovakia can handle issues related to Business and Commercial Law, including the procedures associated with purchasing shares in a Slovak company, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence procedures related to investments in Slovakia as well as liquidation and dissolution of Slovakian companies. Furthermore, our team of litigation attorneys in Slovakia can represent your interests in any dispute you may deal with in this country.

Tax advice and planning provided by our Slovakian Lawyers 

Our law firm is able to put at your disposal the expertise of its experienced tax lawyer in Slovakia for all matters related to the taxation system in this country and related financial matters. This includes personal and corporate tax advice, matters related to VAT registration and payroll services in Slovakia. These services are provided through our network of accountants and business advisors in Slovakia.

Assistance in buying and selling a property in Slovakia

The purchase of a property in Slovakia has many advantages, among which lower prices compared to other European countries. This is why both individuals and companies have shown an increasing interest in buying various types of real estate here.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can handle the real estate due diligence procedure (which we definitely recommend to those considering skipping this step) followed by the completion of the purchase. We can handle the preparation of the documents which need to be prepared when acquiring a property. We can also assist with the registration of the new property title with the Land Register.

If you want to sell a property in Slovakia, you can turn to the services offered by our lawyer in Slovakia.

We can also offer tailored support if you are interested in immigration to Slovakia.

Litigation lawyers in Slovakia

With a vast experience behind, our attorneys in Slovakia can handle various types of disputes, among which:

  •  commercial litigation cases;
  •  contract disputes;
  •  civil disputes;
  •  employment litigation cases;
  • debt collection cases.

Litigation in Slovakia can be handled outside the court through mediation and arbitration, or with one of the Slovak courts which have jurisdiction over the case. We can also assist with the enforcement and recognition of foreign judgments by local courts.

Immigrate to Slovakia with the help of our lawyers

No matter if you want to relocate to Slovakia for employment or business reasons, our lawyers can help you apply for the necessary visas. You can obtain a short-stay or a permanent residence permit under the regulations imposed by the national and EU regulations.

Non-EU citizens will need to complete a more thorough procedure when immigrating here, however, with the help of our lawyers in Slovakia the process can be completed without problems.

If you decide to settle permanently and obtain Slovak citizenship, our immigration lawyers in Slovaka can guide you through the procedure in terms of documents and interviews.

If you are not sure about your plans, you can decide for temporary residency in Slovakia. During the time that you have been granted temporary residency, you are able to travel abroad and back while remaining lawfully in Slovakia. If foreign nationals meet the prerequisites, they may be given a temporary residency visa to work, study, or do business in Slovakia.

If you have lived continuously in this country for at least 8 years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship in Slovakia. To be able to apply for a Slovak passport, a person must also fulfill a number of additional conditions and requirements. These can be explained by our lawyers who can also advise on how to prepare for the application process.

Assistance in Family Law matters in Slovakia

Foreign citizens can get married in Slovakia based on a small number of documents and the marriage will be recognized in their home country. Our Slovak lawyers can advise on the documents to be filed for marriage registration here.

You can also rely on our law firm in Slovakia for separation, divorce or marriage annulment which often include the division of assets, child custody and support and various maintenance issues.

Watch a preview of the legal services provided by our lawyer in Slovakia in the video below:

Why choose to settle in Slovakia?

No matter if the decision for moving to Slovakia is based on business reasons or not, here is what you should know about this country:

  •  in 2018, Slovakia attracted a great number of foreign investors thanks to the cheap labor force (the foreign direct investments flow was 475 million USD);
  •  in 2018, the foreign direct investments stock in Slovakia represented 53,6% of its Gross Domestic Product;
  •  Slovakia ranks 42nd in the World Bank’s 2019 Doing Business Report;
  •  the Economic Intelligence Unit predicts an increase in foreign direct investments of 42% in the following years.

For more information about the personal and corporate taxation in Slovakia as well as for other legal matters, such as immigration to Slovakia, please contact our team of lawyers in Slovakia.