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Business Permits and Licenses in Slovakia

Business Permits and Licenses in Slovakia

Entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Slovakia must obtain a Trade License from the Trading Licensing Office in order to conduct business in this country. Some licenses can be obtained by virtually anyone, while others it is necessary to prove a higher education or qualification, depending on the nature of the business. Such activities have to be effectuated by a natural person who is competent, meaning who possesses the required education and qualification. Our Slovak lawyers can provide further information on what these special activities consist of.

The Trade License in Slovakia

Trade License in Slovakia is a permission to undertake activities which characterize the scope of a trade business and is effective for the whole territory of Slovakia. 

One single trader is able to undertake several trade activities, however has to acquire a separate Trade License in Slovakia for each of them. 

Trade activities represent almost entirely all the business activities in the country, except for those defined as not belonging to a trade, as defined in Article 3 of the Trade Licensing Act. Our law firm in Slovakia can offer more details on what these activities are.

An individual can undertake trade activities in Slovakia in two different legal positions:

• As a Slovak person; or

• As a foreign individual.

Generally, each foreign individuals can effectuate trade activities under the same conditions as a Slovak one.

Requirements for travel agencies and tourist guides in Slovakia

A travel agency in Slovakia can be opened as a tour operator or a normal travel agency, upon obtaining a Slovak Trade License. Generally, a travel agency delivers only one service, while a tour operator can undertake different travelling services, like accommodation, guiding services or/and transportation.

In order to undertake travel agency operations in Slovakia, the following education and qualifications are required:

• Second level university education and an one year experience in the field; or

• First level university education and a two year experience in in the field; or

• Having finished general secondary school education; or

• Having finished professional secondary school education and a three year experience in the field.

To effectuate activities as a tourist guide, the following qualification is necessary:

• Certificate attesting the completion of an education program accredited by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia.

If you require further details on the business permits and licenses in Slovakia, we invite you to get in touch with our solicitors in Slovakia, who can help you obtain the documentation you need. We can also assist you in other corporate matters, for example in VAT registration in Slovakia or with trademark registration services.