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Citizenship in Slovakia

Citizenship in Slovakia

Citizenship is available for foreigners who have migrated to Slovakia one way or another, however, there is also the option of acquiring it directly through blood ties. The procedure of obtaining a Slovak passport is not difficult, however, it must be handled with care. In this case, professional help is recommended.

Below, our lawyers in Slovakia explain how to obtain citizenship as well as the services we can provide for clients who meet the conditions imposed by the Nationality Law.

Ways to acquire citizenship in Slovakia in 2024

If you are foreign citizen planning to emigrate to Slovakia on a long-term with prospects for citizenship, here are your options:

There are also other categories of people who can obtain direct citizenship, these can be considered lucky, as they are eligible for citizenship by:

  • birth;
  • descent.

No matter your case, you can rely on our law firm in Slovakia for tailored support based on your case.

How to obtain citizenship by naturalization in Slovakia

The following conditions must be satisfied by applicants in order to obtain Slovak citizenship through naturalization in 2024:

  • he or she must be a Slovak permanent residence permit holder for at least of 8 years;
  • the applicant must also have Slovak language fluency;
  • the applicant must prove that they know the history and culture of the Slovak people.

Please be advised that citizenship by naturalization also implies due diligence completed by the Slovak immigration authorities. In this sense, you must have a clean criminal record to become eligible for a Slovak passport.

Through naturalization, a person can become a citizen of Slovakia, only after submitting the application to the relevant authorities and having it reviewed.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, naturalization also implies marriage, adoption, investment. This happens because there are no direct means of acquiring citizenship other than birth and descent.

Here are some important aspects to consider in this sense:

  • Slovak citizenship by adoption implies being adopted by at least one Slovak citizen;
  • citizenship by marriage implies being married at least 5 years to a Slovak citizen;
  • investment is another way through which citizenship by naturalization can be obtained by setting up a company in Slovakia.

If you do not meet any of the criteria above, you can rely on our law firm to apply for a residence permit for Slovakia and then wait the necessary time to become eligible for citizenship.

Procedure to obtain citizenship by naturalization in Slovakia

When applying for Slovak citizenship, you must be patient as the procedure between the application phase and the actual release of the passport can take up to 2 years. In this sense, please note the following steps:

  1. prepare the necessary papers;
  2. send them to the one of the available authorities based on where you are at time of the application;
  3. go through the citizenship interview;
  4. wait for the answer;
  5. obtain your citizenship certificate followed by your new Slovak passport.

The following documents must be filed when applying for citizenship in Slovakia in 2024:

  • the ID;
  • the Slovak residence permit;
  • the birth certificate;
  • the citizenship application.

With respect to the offices where you can file them, there are:

  • the District Authority office in Slovakia within the area of your residential address;
  • the Bratislava District Authority;
  • an embassy or consulate abroad.

You can rely on our Slovak lawyers for support in applying for citizenship.

Citizenship by marriage in Slovakia in 2024

According to Slovak marriage laws, foreigners who wish to wed a Slovak national must go through a rigorous procedure before their wedding ceremony. The spouse of a Slovak citizen may apply for permanent residence in Slovakia after the marriage has been officially registered with the Special Registry Office. In circumstances where citizenship by marriage is involved, the 8-year residence requirement is waived.

The citizenship exam

Although there is no formal written citizenship exam, when you apply for a Slovak passport, you will need to provide documentation of your language proficiency and attend an interview. A commission consisting of 3 members will be appointed by the District Authority’s Chief Executive to carry out the language check.

You will be asked general questions on the history, geography, and social and political development of the Slovak Republic, as well as questions about yourself and your close friends and family in Slovak throughout this interview.

How many foreigners live in Slovakia?

According to the latest data gathered by the EU:

  • at the middle of 2023, there were 238,000 residence permit holders in Slovakia;
  • they represent 4.1% of Slovakia’s entire population;
  • Slovakia has large communities of immigrants from Ukraine, Georgia, North Macedonia, but also from China.

If you want to move to Slovakia and need support, please contact us!