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Civil Law in Slovakia

Civil Law in Slovakia

The Civil Law in Slovakia was enforced in 1964 and contains principles implemented since the 19th century and refers to the rights and obligations of all citizens who live in the country. It is good to know that the main Civil Law in Slovakia aligns with the regulations of other countries in Europe, and complete information in this matter can be provided by our lawyers in Slovakia.

What you need to know about the Civil Law in Slovakia

The introduction of the Slovak Civil Code offers details about the legal system in Slovakia, which is based on statutes, customs, and overall values. In the same part related to the general provisions we remind that the rules of civil relationships contribute to the awareness of the civil rights and freedoms, predominantly to protect individuals of ownership inviolability. As for the legal entities in Slovakia, these can generate professional associations to protect the interests.

We are at your disposal if you want to apply for a residence permit in Slovakia.

Short details of the Slovak constitution

Slovakia is a democratic country which follows the main rules and regulations of the international law and agreements. One should know that the state power arises from residents who exercised it through the chosen representatives. The Slovak people who live and work abroad as natural persons or entrepreneurs can receive complete support related to the national consciousness by their country of origins, according to the Slovak constitution. Details in this matter can be obtained from our Slovak solicitors, who can also offer comprehensive information about how to set up a company in the country and the taxes you need to consider.

As part of your civil rights, we can assist if you want to relocate to Slovakia.

Legal matters in Slovakia can be solved by our lawyers

A foreign individual who established his activities in Slovakia and it is not familiar with the Civil Code in the country, but deals with a particular legal issue, should solicit help and guidance from our Slovak attorneys. No matter if it’s about litigation matters or legal problems as a natural person, it is good to know that the rules and regulations of the Civil Law in Slovakia are applicable and can be entirely explained by our team.

You are invited to contact our law firm in Slovakia for extra information about the Civil Law in the country, or for legal services you might need for your company.