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Company Law in Slovakia

Company Law in Slovakia

Company law in Slovakia represents the area of the legislation which has to do with companies and other types of business entities. These can be comprised of corporations, other associations and partnerships which generally undertake economic or charitable activities. Our lawyers in Slovakia can provide further details on what company law in Slovakia implies.

What is the company law in Slovakia?

Company law in Slovakia is represented by the following legislative acts:

• Act No. 136/2001 on Protection of Competition: The law on Protection of Competition in Slovakia was issued with the main objective of strengthening the Antimonopoly Office (AMO) independence and decision-making objectiveness. Our solicitors in Slovakia can offer, upon request, additional information on this legislation;

• Act No. 465 of 2002 on Block Exemptions from the Ban of Agreements Restricting Competition and on Amendment of Some Acts;

• Law concerning Non-Investment Funds and on Changing and Amending the Law No. 207/1996 Coll. from 1997;

• Law on the Right of Association from 1990;

• Law on Foundations from 1996;

• Act No. 541/2005 Coll. on the Transformation of Certain State Enterprises into Joint-Stock Companies;

• Law concerning Non-profit Organizations Providing General Beneficial Services from 2002.

Our team of Slovak lawyers can offer you more information regarding each of these laws.

Amendments to the company law in Slovakia

In 2016, corporate law in Slovakia registered certain amendments, among which our lawyers in Slovakia would like to mention:

Register of disqualifications: starting with the 1st of January, 2016, the court has the right to make decisions on the disqualification of a person as a member of a statutory organization, of a supervisory board, head of a branch or a company proxy holder;

•  “Company in crisis”: our Slovak lawyers can provide more information regarding these amendments;

Evaluation of contracts based on an expert’s opinion in a joint stock company: contracts concluded between a company and its founder or shareholder – when the amount acquitted by the company is valued at minimum 10% of the company’s minimum share capital – have to be assessed by an expert only for joint stock companies, as of 1st of January 2016;

Paid up foundation capital before being organized: starting with the 1st of January 2016, the capital of an organization does not have to be paid to a certain bank account before the company establishment;

• Other amendments.

If you require more details on company law in Slovakia, we invite you to contact our law firm in Slovakia.