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Confidentiality Clause in Slovakia

Confidentiality Clause in Slovakia

According to the Employment Law in Slovakia, trade secrets are strongly protected through a confidentiality clauseSlovak companies are allowed to introduce any confidentiality clause in their agreements in order to protect business secrets.  The confidentiality clause in Slovakia refers to any employee who has the obligation not to disclose any job information to third parties.

There are specific laws in Slovakia allowing the use of confidentiality clauses:
•    The Slovak Civil Code;
•    The Labor Code;
•    The Intellectual Property Law;
•    The Arbitration Law.

Detailed information about the legal aspects of confidentiality clause and the consequences of breaching this obligation can be given to you by our lawyers in Slovakia.

Confidentiality clause in employment contracts in Slovakia

Under section 81 of the Labor Law in Slovakia, among the legal obligations of an employee is to maintain the confidentiality of any information and facts disclosed to him/her during the performance of work. This legal provision gives Slovak companies the right to include confidentiality clauses in the employment contracts to protect their business interests when an employer leaves the enterprise. Besides a confidentiality clause, the Slovak legal entities can also include a non-competition clause to prohibit the pursuit of profitable activities which would compete with the employer`s interests.  The employer has the right to refuse to provide information which could harm the employer or request that this information be regarded as confidential. Our attorneys in Slovakia can help draft an employment contract containing a confidentiality clause according to your business needs.

Confidentiality agreements presented by our lawyers in Slovakia

Also called secrecy or non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements in Slovakia are contracts entered by two or more parties which agree that specific information remain confidential. The directors of a Slovak company usually conclude and sign confidentiality agreements in order to protect a new product and the technical and commercial information around it. The confidentiality agreements have several functions:

•    To avoid monetary damages to Slovak companies caused by a breach of contract;
•   To prevent the forfeiture of valuable patent rights. The confidentiality agreements are usually stipulated by the intellectual property legislation;
•   To define exactly which information can be disclosed and which is considered confidential or proprietary.  

The confidential agreements also establish the period of time for which information is to be maintained a secret and the time when it can be disclosed. Feel free to contact our law firm in Slovakia for detailed information about the legal provisions of confidentiality agreements.