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Contract Law in Slovakia

Contract Law in Slovakia

According to the Civil Law in Slovakia, the contract law is part of the law of obligations. The contract law in Slovakia comprises a set of legal rules on contracts and its central terms are: obligations, claim and debt and creditor and debtor. Contract law applies to the branches of private and commercial law, through the binding legal relationships arising from contracts. Any further information about the provisions of the contract law can be provided to you by our lawyers in Slovakia.

Entering an agreement under the Contract Law in Slovakia

The contract law determines the conditions under which a Slovak company can enter into a commercial agreement and the consequences of unlawful acts ant torts. The contract law in Slovakia also establishes the classification of contracts: bilateral or multilateral, reciprocal or gratuitous, formal or informal and with monetary or non-monetary performance. The contracts can be concluded only in written, since the Civil Code does not specify the oral form. They can take any form wanted by the parties involved and can also contain a number of confidentiality clauses, depending on the interests of the parties. The contract law in Slovakia defines the torts or violations of the rights ant statutes. The torts are divided according to faults, as follows:

•    Caused by fault;
•    Without fault;
•    Causing threats of breach of legal relationship;
•    Causing breach of legal relationship.

It is highly advisable to be familiarized with the current legislation before entering any kind of contractOur attorneys in Slovakia can help you draft contracts in accordance with the legal provisions. Also, we can assist foreigners in acquiring residency in this country. To apply for a residence permit in Slovakia, a foreign national must already be a resident here, for an extended period of time, or temporarily. Please get in touch with us for assistance since the type of residency will depend on the circumstances of each application.

Concluding a contract in Slovakia

Under the Slovak legislation, a contract can be concluded on the basis of offer and acceptance. Offer is a matter of will and has two elements: the contractual assent and the determination of the content of the future contract. All types of contracts must contain the general terms under which a contract enters into force, can be modified or is executed. The way a contract is concluded is very important to the process of resolving future contractual disputesContracts are widely used in the legal system in Slovakia, in different areas, such as: employment law, insurance law or property law. The principle of good faith applies to the Slovak contract law. Therefore, any contract which is contrary to the morals is void, that is, it is deemed to be concluded but without any legal consequences.

Don`t hesitate to contact our law firm in Slovakia if you need assistance in any litigation cases related to contractual matters.