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Corporate Tax in Slovakia

Corporate Tax in Slovakia

Slovakia has a very attractive business environment. Investors who are interested in setting their business operations here should be familiar with the local taxation system, including the level of corporate taxation and the way in which this is collected. The standard corporate rate is established at 22%, starting with 2014; the tax has been lowered, from a rate of 23%. Businessmen interested in the opportunities that can arise on the Slovakian market or on the taxes applicable to companies can receive an in-depth presentation from our team of lawyers in Slovakia

Corporate tax principles in Slovakia

Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Slovakia are advised to invest in this market, which follows the principles of the European Union and of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

The corporate tax is applicable to businesses with operations in Slovakia; the tax is incurred for the company’s profits. The tax is also applicable to branches opened in Slovakia by foreign companies. 

Foreign companies are taxed in accordance with the profits they gained through their business operations in Slovakia if they have established a permanent establishment here, which can refer to a fixed place of business, such as an office, a building site, a mine or other types of establishments through which the company may gain revenues; our team of Slovakian attorneys can provide more details on the meaning of a permanent establishment. 

VAT registration can be voluntary or mandatory in Slovakia.

Corporate tax requirements in Slovakia 

It is important to know that general and limited partnerships opened in Slovakia are also liable for corporate taxation. Companies incorporated in Slovakia (which are considered tax residents) are liable to corporate tax for the income gained from activities carried out in other states.

Tax incentives are available under the Law of Research and Development Incentives, which became applicable from 1st of January 2015. Incentives are available for employers who hire students enrolled in vocational trainings. 

Investors who need further information on the corporate tax in Slovakia can address to our law firm