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Digital Nomad Visa in Slovakia

Digital Nomad Visa in Slovakia

People who are no longer bound to stay in one place to provide their services or do their job can successfully enter the digital nomad category. As such, many countries have started creating digital nomad visa programs to keep up with this trend. This is also the case of many European countries, even if Slovakia is not among them yet. Even so, foreign citizens who want to live and work from here have several options.

Below, we invite you to discover the main alternatives to a digital nomad visa in Slovakia. You can always rely on the support of our immigation lawyers in Slovakia if you want to move here. We can also help you if you need to obtain a digital nomad visa in the UAE or another attractive country.

Digital nomads in Slovakia

Even if there is no digital nomad visa in Slovakia, the number of people who moved here during the Covid-19 pandemic was important. The lower living costs compared to other European and EU countries and the excellent internet infrastructure have made people choose the capital Bratislava. For example, the average rental cost of an apartment in Bratislava is approximately 700 euros, which is quite low compared to other European cities.

Another reason to choose immigration to Slovakia, especially for EU citizens, is that they don’t need to apply for a visa to enter the country.

For non-EU citizens, however, different rules apply if they come from their home countries directly here. For this purpose, our lawyers in Slovakia can assist with tailored immigration services.

What is a digital nomad visa?

A digital nomad visa offers the possibility for foreign citizens to live and work for a limited period of time in another country. However, in order to qualify for such a visa, there are several important conditions to meet, among which:

  • for the duration of the visa to be limited;
  • for the employer of the foreign worker to be a company registered in another county than the one of the employee works from;
  • the foreign citizen must have a specific income that meets the minimum living conditions in the country he/she has moved to.

As there is no digital nomad visa in Slovakia yet, foreign citizens who decide to move here do not need to meet such requirements, however, they still need to comply with specific conditions.

If you want to move to Slovakia and work from here, our immigation lawyers in Slovakia can help you find a suitable relocation option, including if you are a digital nomad.

Alternatives to the digital nomad visa in Slovakia

While EU citizens do not need to apply for visas for entering the country, they still need to be able to support themselves during their duration of stay here. Moreover, their work must allow them to be completed remotely. If you want to have an idea about the average living costs in Slovakia, these are a little over 600 euros per month per person without the rent.

For non-EU citizens, the following options are available as alternatives to the digital nomad visa in Slovakia:

  • tourist visas that have a validity of 3 months, and can be used for staying here for this period of time;
  • business visas can also be obtained for staying in Slovakia for 90 days within a maximum period of 180 days (this is also multi-entry visa);
  • temporary residence permits can also be obtained by digital nomads who want to work from Slovakia; these can have a validity of up to one year;
  • for temporary residency purposes, applicants must submit proof of a minimum monthly income of nearly 250 euros.

Applications for Slovak visas must be submitted with the Migration Information Centre.

If you are interested in applying for a digital nomad visa in Slovakia, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for information and support in moving here temporarily or permanently. You can also rely on us for permanent immigration to Slovakia.