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Distribution Agreements in Slovakia

Distribution Agreements in Slovakia

Starting a business in Slovakia does not imply the company registration phase alone, as after this step is concluded the company must engage in the activities it was created for. Most of the times this will imply offering certain services or goods to clients. In order to do that, Slovak companies must find distributors which will make them suppliers or find suppliers which will make them the distributors.

The relation between the distributor and the supplier is regulated by the Civil Code in Slovakia which comprises the Contract Law. The distribution agreement is the main document which regulates the relation between a supplier and a distributor.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can offer more information on the provisions of the Contract Law with respect to distribution agreements.

The content of distribution agreements in Slovakia

Once a relation has been established between two companies in Slovakia, a contract must be drafted and signed by the parties. The same principle applies to distribution agreements. These must contain specific information, among which:

  • –          the names and addresses of both the distributor and the supplier;
  • –          the object or objects of the contract, such as the specific terms of delivery;
  • –          the duration of the contract – most distribution agreements are signed for limited periods of time;
  • –          the obligations of both the supplier and the distributor;
  • –          provisions about the failure to comply with the agreement and the termination clauses in this case;
  • –          other specific terms related to the agreement between the two parties.

You can rely on our law firm in Slovakia if you need information on the legitimacy of distribution contracts.

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Types of distribution contracts in Slovakia

There are two main types of distribution agreements which can be drafted and signed in Slovakia:

  • –          generic or general distribution agreements which are standard contracts;
  • –          specific distribution agreements which are related to special channels of distributing or supplying a service or product.

It should also be noted that Slovak companies, such as retail business, can engage in distribution agreements with more than one supplier.

For full information on distribution agreements or assistance in opening a company in Slovakia, please contact our local lawyers.