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Employment Law in Slovakia

Employment Law in Slovakia

The law that stipulates all the duties and rights concerning employment in the Slovak Republic is the Labor Code, as amended by latest Acts. The code covers all branches of employment regulation, such as employment contracts, working conditions etc. Slovak employers are regulated by the Ministry of Labor, Family and the Social Affairs. In order to be provided with further information on employment law in Slovakia, you should seek counsel from a Slovak law firm.

Forms of employment in Slovakia

The main forms of employment in Slovakia are as follows:

– employment for an indefinite period;

– part-time employment;

– working from home;

– employment for a temporary, defined period;

– employment of a student from an institute, vocational school etc.

The most common contracts however, are either made for an indefinite period of time, a temporary one or part-time:

• the employment for an indefinite period implies a contract where the duration of the employment is not expressly specified;

• the employment contract for a temporary period can only be signed for a period that does not exceed three years;

• part-time contracts in Slovakia imply that the employer specifies a shorter working time than the usual.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can counsel you in any employment matters and provide you with more details on Slovak laws and regulations.

We can also guide those intersted in obtaining a residence visa. If you are eligible for one of the following types of permits and complete the requirements, you may obtain a residence permit in Slovakia that will enable you to live here permanently. These conditions are having lived here for a period of time greater than 5 years. Marriage is also an option for those who meet the requirements for residency obtained this way.

On application, residents and workers from the EU, EEA, and Switzerland may obtain a residence permit in Slovakia alongside the work visa. If they stay in the nation for more than 90 days, they must apply at the immigration authorities with the Foreign Police Department within 30 days after the first 3 months of living here.

Basic rules of Slovak employment

In Slovakia, employment starts on the exact day specified in the contract. An employment contract can include a probationary period of time that should normally be under three months (with the exception of some managerial positions that can have six months). This probationary period cannot be extended and the notice period is of two months. We can also help you move to Slovakia through business creation.

The maximum weekly working hours for employees in Slovakia are 40 and the annual paid holiday is at least twenty days long in a calendar year. It can be extended (usually for one more week) only if it is stated in the collective agreement or after reaching the age of 33 (on age basis).

An employment relationship can be terminated by agreement, by notice, by termination within a probationary period and by immediate termination. An employment contract cannot be terminated before the expiry of the agreed period, this is only if the employment relationship has been concluded for a fixed period.

You can feel free to contact our law firm in Slovakia so as to be advised on employment issues or other legal problems you may deal with. Our Slovak solicitors will also provide you with further details about the employment law in Slovakia.