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Family Law in Slovakia

Family Law in Slovakia

The family legislation in Slovakia is governed by the Civil and Family Law adopted in 2005 which set the legal frames of marriage, divorce, rights and obligations of the parents and many other aspects. The main aim of a marriage is to create a solid, harmonious and continuous living between a man and a woman. For more details on the family law in Slovakia, our lawyers in Slovakia can provide you with further information of the most important provisions of the Civil and Family Law in this country.

Getting married, divorced or separated in Slovakia

Family Law in Slovakia stipulates that both the woman and the man consent freely to a marriage. The minimum age for being able to get married in this country is 18 years. Younger individuals who want to get married can do so only if agreed by a court.

divorce in Slovakia can be obtained only through a court. A marriage can be dissolved if one of the spouses files a petition, in case the relationship has been completely compromised and there are no foreseeable reconciliation grounds. Then, the court establishes the causes of the relationship end, taking them into account when making the divorce decision.

Slovak family legislation does not acknowledge common-law partnerships as legal conjugal ones. Even though there are couples who live together without getting married, the partners of such a relationship do not have the same legal rights and responsibilities as the ones they would have if they were married. There are though certain rights based on the Civil Code which partners living together can enjoy, such as heritage rights, common dwelling rights and others. Our law firm in Slovakia can offer more details regarding this matter.

Child custody in Slovakia

If the partners of a marriage are getting divorced, as dictated by the Family Law in Slovakia, the custody of any minor children belongs to both partners jointly. However, one of the parents can be restricted on his or her parental responsibilities, or entirely deprived of such responsibilities, by a court in special circumstances which are stipulated by the law. 

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