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Fiscal Representative in Slovakia

Fiscal Representative in Slovakia

When dealing with tax matters, companies can appoint fiscal representatives in Slovakia. These are agents that can handle various simple and complex accounting-related matters, however, their main role is to represent companies or traders in the relationship with the tax authorities.

If you need support in such matters, please rely on our lawyers in Slovakia who can also offer fiscal representation.

The role of a fiscal representative in Slovakia

The main purpose of appointing a tax agent in Slovakia is related to the registration, payment, and compliance with VAT regulations. This requirement must be met in certain EU nations, however, Slovakia is not one of the countries where such a representative comes as an obligation. Even so, it is an option for those who want to ensure correct communication with the Slovak tax authorities.

You can obtain more information on the role of a fiscal agent from our Slovak law firm.

Who can appoint a fiscal agent in Slovakia?

At EU level, the obligation of having a tax agent targets foreign companies and traders supplying VAT-taxable operations. However, as mentioned earlier, such a requirement does not apply in Slovakia, which leaves this service at the latitude of the taxpayer.

Both foreign citizens who do not have Slovak residency and companies that operate in Slovakia without having a legal address here can appoint fiscal representatives. However, citizens and enterprises incorporated in this country can use the service of such an agent.

Our specialists can offer such a service if you need it.

Services provided by a Slovak fiscal representative

Most of the time, a fiscal agent will be in charge of:

  • VAT registration in Slovakia;
  • intra-community VAT registration on behalf of Slovak companies;
  • VAT declarations drafting and filing;
  • VAT refund claims.

EORI registration can also be handled by a fiscal representative immediately after obtaining a Slovak VAT number.

These are services that can also be offered by our Slovak lawyers, as part of our business registration solutions.

Why do foreign companies need fiscal representation?

Even if not mandatory, fiscal representation in Slovakia comes with certain advantages, especially for foreign companies. Some of them do not have registered addresses or permanent establishments in Slovakia. However, they can engage in commercial activities that require them to have official addresses where they must receive financial documents issued by the Slovak Tax Administration. For this purpose, they can use the offices of their local tax agents.  Furthermore, these can handle the drafting and filing of the necessary VAT paperwork, in accordance with the VAT legislation.

Appointing a fiscal representative in Slovakia is a simple and effective way of complying with the laws of this country without facing penalties for late filings or no filings.

If you have any questions about the fiscal representation services you can get in Slovakia, especially since these are not limited to VAT only, you can get in touch with our local law firm.

Tax changes in Slovakia starting 2024

The Slovak government through the Ministry for Finance has announced a set of changes to the taxation system. Among the most important are:

  • a reduced 15% rate on corporate income for companies with a taxable revenue of less than EUR 60,000;
  • banks and branches of foreign financial institutions will be imposed a special levy, which for 2024 is set at 2.5% representing a ratio between the revenues generated from regular activities and their total operations;
  • the bank levy will be lowered gradually until it reaches 0.363% in 2028 and from then on.

You can also rely on our lawyers if you are a resident and plan to apply for citizenship in Slovakia.

Please contact us for details on our fiscal representative services in Slovakia.