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Holding Company in Slovakia

Holding Company in Slovakia

holding company is a special business form which has stocks in other entities without intervening in their activities and operations. Such entities are called subsidiaries and are entirely supervised by the company’s board of executives. If you are interested in opening a holding company in Slovakia and the advantages that come with it, you may solicit help and legal assistance from our Slovak lawyers.

Details about the holding company in Slovakia

One should know that a holding company in Slovakia can be registered as a limited liability company, partnership, or cooperative, where subsidiary profits are exempt from the withholding tax. A large company can be interested in restructuring as a holding company in Slovakia and can legally proceed in this direction for different purposes. A particular trademark or franchise operations are the main reasons why a big enterprise can decide to act like a holding company in Slovakia.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can explain the entire procedure related to the holding companies in the country and can also provide you with details about the advantages of such business.

The benefits of a holding company in Slovakia

According to the Income Tax Act in Slovakia, the profits of the holding companies are not subject to taxation. This is a major advantage to consider when deciding to set up a holding company in Slovakia. Besides that, such entity can have local or foreign shareholders, without any restrictions related to this matter. Regarding the taxes, the foreign owner will not pay any taxes for his holding company in Slovakia. In case of financial losses, the holding company and its subsidiaries are fully covered and no payment will be considered. 

If a shareholder changes his residency for a year or more, he will still receive the dividends for its subsidiaries worldwide, but he needs to pay the residence tax in Slovakia.

Additional information and legal assistance when opening a holding company in Slovakia can be obtained if you contact our Slovak law firm.