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Immigrate to Slovakia from Australia

Immigrate to Slovakia from Australia

Immigration to Slovakia from Australia implies applying for a residence permit only if one’s stay exceeds 90 days or 3 months in a period of 180 days or 6 months. Since many Australian citizens decide to move to this country on account of work, business, or for other reasons, below we explain their main relocation options.

Our Slovak lawyers are your guide when it comes to relocation to Slovakia from Australia for various motives.

One-purpose visa for long stays in Slovakia

Third-country nationals, such in the case of Australian citizens, who intend to stay in Slovakia for more than 3 months must get a D visa. Also known as a national visa, its issuance depends on the reason for moving to Slovakia from Australia. Here are some of the purposes you can obtain such a visa for:

  • employment;
  • study;
  • family reunification, etc.

When you are granted a long-term visa, you will also be given a Slovak residence permit for a temporary or permanent stay.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can inform you about the procedure associated with each of the purposes presented above.

Types of work permits one can obtain for immigrating to Slovakia from Australia

Employment is one of the safest and easiest ways to move to Slovakia from Australia, especially on the account of the applicant. Slovakia grants a variety of work visas that one can apply for based on the type of work to conduct. Nevertheless, one of the most popular types of work visas for foreigners is the single permit.

Depending on the nature of your employment, you may be eligible for one of the following Slovak work visas:

  • the single permit;
  • the work permit;
  • the EU Blue Card is issued to highly skilled professionals only.

The work visa will be valid for the term of the working contract, although it can be renewed. Australians are also welcome to bring family members with them.

Get in touch with our law firm in Slovakia for details on how to relocate here from Australia as an employee.

Family reunification for Australian citizens moving to Slovakia

Non-EU citizens with family members in Slovakia can join them by getting family visas. Since this is also the case for people who immigrate to Slovakia from Australia, here are their main options:

  1. the family reunification visa for those who are married to Slovak nationals;
  2. visas issued to accompanying family members of overseas workers.

The application for a family visa is submitted to the Slovak Consulate in Sydney, Australia. Once an Australian citizen has been granted a family visa, he/she will be issued a 5-year residence permit. This visa allows its holder to freely work and study in Slovakia.  Following this time frame, one can also become a permanent resident of Slovakia.

Family members eligible for Slovak family visas include:

  • Australian spouses of Slovak citizens possessing a residence permit in Slovakia;
  • minor children of an Australian citizen with permanent residency in Slovakia and who is married to a Slovak citizen.

    Please get in touch with us if you want to immigrate to Slovakia from Australia based on family reunification.

Access to citizenship in Slovakia

To be eligible for Slovak citizenship, an Australian national must have at least 8 years of continuous permanent residence in Slovakia. This is how one can obtain citizenship through naturalization.  Other requirements for naturalization include Slovak language competency.

The Slovak population in numbers

According to the latest statistics:

  • at the beginning of 2024, the Slovak population is 5,720,615;
  • the population is growing at a 0.2% rate per year;
  • at this rate, the number of inhabitants is expected to drop to  5,387,458 in 2030.

Please contact our Slovak law firm if you need support in immigrating here from Australia.