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Immigrate to Slovakia from Iran

Immigrate to Slovakia from Iran

Slovakia is one of the prolific economies of the European Union, especially in the last few years when many of the business registration and immigration procedures have been simplified. Also, its belonging to the Schengen Area attracts citizens of countries all over the world will find easy to enter Slovakia based on Schengen visas.

It is also the case of Iranian people who can relocate here for various purposes. However, as they are not EU citizens, they will need to respect Slovakia’s immigration regulations.

With the help of our lawyers in Slovakiaimmigration from Iran is not complicated, so do not hesitate to request our services.

Visas that enable immigration to Slovakia from Iran

To citizens from non-EU countries, such as IranSlovakia is a very appealing and easy state to immigrate to. The variety of visas enable them to come and stay here for definite or indefinite periods of time, in accordance with the type of residence permit requested. These are:

  • temporary residence permits,
  • permanent residence permits.

 In order to obtain any of these, Iranian citizens must have reasons to move to Slovakia, and among them, here are the motives under which they can immigrate:

  1. study, if an Iranian citizen is enrolled with a Slovak university or other accredited education institutions,
  2. employment which is one of the most common reasons to immigration to Slovakia,
  3. business which also quite common among Iranian citizens seeking to establish companies in Europe,
  4. family reunification for those who have family members living in Slovakia.

In the case of Iranian citizens who already live in other EU countries, their residence permits obtained in the respective states will help them immigrate to Slovakia much faster.

 Our Slovak lawyers can guide those who want to immigrate here from Iran, no matter the type of residence permit they seek.

Permanent residency for Iranian citizens

Iranian citizens who have immigrated to Slovakia can first apply for temporary residence permits that can be renewed until the status of permanent residents is obtained. For this purpose, Iranians must live in Slovakia for 5 uninterrupted years.

There are several ways through which people who relocate to Slovakia from Iran can obtain permanent residence, and among these employment and family reunification are two of the safest options. Starting a business in Slovakia also grants various facilities to Iranian citizens, however, in this case, they must be willing to invest in their companies.

Permanent residence can transform into Slovak citizenship for those who want to establish themselves here for good.

The same options are available for citizens of other countries who want to immigrate to Slovakia and our law firm is at the service of foreign nationals all over the world who want to make a living here.

Documents to prepare when immigrating to Slovakia from Iran

When it comes moving to Slovakia from Iran there are various papers one must prepare. However, these are strictly tied to the type of residence permit sought and the relocation reason.

While for simple visits, a valid passport accompanied by the itinerary, the hotel reservation and flight ticket are sufficient, for long-term immigration, one must submit the following with the Migration Information Center:

  • the custom application form, which is depends on the reason for immigration,
  • the valid passport (a minimum validity of 6 months is required for long-term immigration),
  • recent photographs,
  • a clear criminal record,
  • proof of accommodation, which can take the form of a lease or rental contract,
  • proof of financial self-sustenance is also required.

Apart from these, when immigrating based on employment, the labor contract will also be required. When moving to Slovakia for study purposes, proof of enrollment with the Slovak institution (an invitation or acceptance letter) will be requested. When relocating here for starting a business, the documents indicating the beginning of the company registration procedure can be used.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can explain all the details associated with immigrating here from Iran.

Immigration statistics for Slovakia

Slovakia is an appealing European destination for immigrants and according to the International Organization for Migration:

  • in 2020, foreigners represented 2.75% of Slovakia’s total population,
  • in December 2020, there were 6,937 residence permits issued to foreign citizens,
  • the same month, the total number of residence permit holders reached a little over 150,000.

For guidance on how to relocate to Slovakia from Iran, do not hesitate to contact our law firm.