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Immigrate to Slovakia from New Zealand

Immigrate to Slovakia from New Zealand

If you want to immigrate to Slovakia from New Zealand, you need to complete various formalities, depending on the reason for relocation. No matter the means you decide to use to move here, you can rely on our lawyers.

Find out below, what the main conditions are for moving to Slovakia from New Zealand. During the entire procedure, you can rely on the services of our law firm in Slovakia, especially for processes that do not require your presence, given the distance.

Types of residence permits available for New Zealand citizens in Slovakia

First of all, it is worth noting that for stays of a maximum of 3 months in a total period of 6 months, there is no need for a visa when coming to Slovakia from New Zealand. Your valid passport will suffice.

Moving on to Slovak residence permits, here are your main options:

  • the tolerated residence permit;
  • the temporary residence permit;
  • the permanent residence permit.

Let’s review with our lawyers in Slovakia what each of them entails.

The tolerated residence permit when relocating to Slovakia from New Zealand

New Zealand nationals may be awarded Slovak tolerated residency for up to 180 days, which can be extended multiple times. Individuals given a tolerated residency visa are not allowed to conduct business or work in Slovakia. Such a residence permit does not provide access to social housing or public health insurance, but you can obtain commercial health insurance.

This type of visa is rarely employed, however, it is worth noting that you can apply for it. You can get more information about from our Slovak lawyers.

Temporary residency – a good option to immigrate to Slovakia from New Zealand

 A temporary residence permit enables you to stay lawfully in Slovakia while traveling to New Zealand and back within the terms of your visa. New Zealand nationals who intend to work, study, or do business in Slovakia may be given a temporary residence permit if they meet the legal requirements.

If you want to move to Slovakia from New Zealand, temporary residency is available for you under the following conditions:

  • for business purposes;
  • for employment, including seasonal jobs;
  • for study purposes;
  • for completing special activities (sports, artistic and volunteer activities, work as an accredited journalist, medical treatment, internships, etc.).
  • for research and development activities;
  • for family reunion.

This is a great option if you intend to immigrate to Slovakia from another EU country. Specifically, if you are New Zealand citizen and have lived in another EU state until now, you can move here based on your current residency and secure a temporary stay visa.

You can rely on our Slovak law firm for details on obtaining temporary residency as a New Zealand citizen.

Securing permanent residency and citizenship in Slovakia as a New Zealand national

If you immigrate to Slovakia from New Zealand and remain here for 5 years, you will become eligible for permanent residency. Such a residence permit allows you to live in Slovakia indefinitely. If you are granted a permanent residency permit, you will have the same rights and duties as all Slovakian residents, including employment, healthcare, and social affairs. Applications are to be filed with the Ministry of Interior.

Slovak citizenship can be obtained after 8 years of living in this country.

Processing times for various documents in Slovakia

In order to help you understand how to best prepare when immigrating to Slovakia from New Zealand, here are the main processing times you should be aware of:

  • 30 to 90 days for a temporary residence permit once the application is filed;
  • around 90 days for a permanent residence permit.

Feel free to contact our Slovak solicitors for support in immigration from New Zealand.