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Immigrate to Slovakia from South Africa

Immigrate to Slovakia from South Africa

Slovakia is one of EU’s most prolific economies when it comes to small countries which is why it is the perfect option for those looking to settle in place that offer stability and good employment and business options.

This can be the case of South African citizens who can immigrate to Slovakia by applying for one of the several types of visas that allow them to legally live here.

If you plan to move here and need assistance, our lawyers in Slovakia are at your disposal with various immigration services.

Types of visas for South African citizens immigrating to Slovakia

Slovakia is more and more appealing to citizens of non-EU and non-Schengen countries such as South Africa. These have several options when it comes to the types of visas that enable them to relocate here temporarily or permanently. Among these are:

  • the temporary residence permit,
  • the permanent residence permit.

These can be obtained for various purposes, among which the most common are:

  1. employment which requires a valid labor contract with a local company,
  2. study which implies an invitation from a Slovak university or other education facility,
  3. business which implies starting a business in Slovakia (the country does not have a citizenship by investment scheme yet),
  4. family reunification for South African citizens who have family members already established here.

Another option for South African citizens who already live in another EU country is to use their EU residence cards to move to Slovakia.

Our Slovak lawyers will explain all the details related to the options that can be used for relocation here from South Africa.

Documents required for immigration to Slovakia from South Africa 

South African citizens seeking to immigrate to Slovakia must prepare various documents in accordance with the purpose of  moving to Slovakia. Among these, we mention the following:

  • the application form which can be obtained from the Slovak Embassy in Pretoria;
  • a valid passport (a minimum validity of 6 months is required at the time of the application);
  • a clean criminal record is mandatory for those seeking to immigrate to Slovakia;
  • proof of self-sustenance in the form of a bank account statement is also required.

The documents provided to the Slovak Embassy cannot be older than 90 day, which is why we advise you discuss with our lawyers.

The amount of money required depends from case to case, however, Slovakia has simpler requisites for those who want to live here because of the lower living costs, which is one of the main reasons many foreign citizens decide to settle here.

We can also assist those who want to move to Slovakia from the United States of America.

Immigrate to Slovakia from South Africa based on an EU Blue Card

South African citizens who have obtained EU residency can relocate to Slovakia easier, as their Blue Cards allows them to travel and move to other EU countries without any additional formalities. This is one of the main reasons for which many citizens of non-EU states decide to move to Europe.

Also, with the UK existing the EU, British citizens can request the assistance of our law firm in Slovakia if they are interested in immigrating here.

How to obtain Slovak permanent residence as a South African citizen

After living in Slovakia for at least 5 years based on a temporary residence permit, South African citizens can apply for permanent residence.

Other ways of obtaining permanent residency as a South African citizen is marriage and starting a business.

Even if Slovakia does not have a golden visa programs, with a minimum investment of 150,000 euros and the creation of 30 full-time jobs, it is easier to immigrate here from South Africa.

If you plan to relocate to Slovakia from South Africa and need guidance in drafting the documents to be filed with the Ministry of the Interior, do not hesitate to request our legal services.

Our immigration lawyers are at your disposal in a wide range of legal matters. For example, with support in applying for citizenship in Slovakia. In addition to naturalization and descent, the are also other means that can be used to become a Slovak citizen, such as marriage and investment. Feel free to enquire about the option you fit it.

Why choose Slovakia for immigration from South Africa?

Slovakia is currently on an ascending trend from an economic point of view, which is why it attracts many foreign citizens move here. Among the reasons to move to Slovakia from South Africa are:

  • one can obtain Slovak citizenship after 8 years of living here without interruptions,
  • the country ranks 9th in the world in terms of adapting to new technologies,
  • it has one of the most educated workforces in Europe, as 75% of the employees have postgraduate degrees,
  • the standard income tax is set at a rate of 21%.

If you want to immigrate to Slovakia from South Africa and need assistance, please contact us. Our lawyers in Slovakia can also help you set up a business in this country.