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Immigrate to Slovakia from UK

Immigrate to Slovakia from UK

Slovakia is one of the emerging economies of the European Union which makes it very appealing for those who want to move here and be part of the ongoing development of this country. Among these, UK citizens have started showing a great interest in immigrating to Slovakia, considering the recent exit of the British from the EU.

If you are among those who want to immigrate to Slovakia from the UK in 2024, you can rely on the support of our law firm who can help you obtain a Slovak residence permit. You can also rely on our Slovak lawyers for other services related to business or immigration matters.

Slovakia in the context of UK’s Withdrawal Agreement

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the UK is finalizing the last steps of leaving the European Union and this has led to the enabling of the Withdrawal Agreement under which British citizens seeking to permanently relocate can do that under the same conditions as they did prior to Brexit.

The conditions also apply to UK citizens who have moved to Slovakia and who do not need to comply with additional requirements if they are Slovak residents. For those who have not completed the immigration procedures yet, they need to hurry as the Agreement is getting close to the end date.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can help UK citizens with the procedures of relocation here.

Types of residence permits of UK citizens in Slovakia in 2024

There are several ways under which one can immigrate to Slovakia from the UK, and these are:

  • through employment;
  • through self-employment;
  • through business;
  • through a student visa;
  • through an investor visa.

All types of visas can lead to permanent residency followed by citizenship in Slovakia provided that the living requirements are met.

All conditions related to immigration to Slovakia under one of the visas presented above can be explained by our lawyers. They can also provide assistance in divorce matters in Slovakia.

How to immigrate to Slovakia from the UK as an employee

Employment is one of the best ways for British citizens to move not only to Slovakia but to an EU country. They can do that by getting hired by a local company or through company relocation. Applying for an EU Blue Card is also an option for those interested in moving to Slovakia from the UK.

Since the salary is one of the most important aspects to consider in terms of relocation through employment, here is some useful information in this sense:

  • the minimum wage in Slovakia is EUR 750 starting at the beginning of 2024;
  • the average salary, on the other hand, is about EUR 1,130 after taxes;
  • for EU Blue Card holders, the minimum monthly salary is about EUR 3,800.

When can a UK citizen become a resident of Slovakia

Permanent residency is the main goal of most foreign citizens who move to Slovakia and this right can also be obtained by UK citizens provided that:

  1. he or she has an indefinite work contract with a Slovak company;
  2. he or she is self-employed or runs a business as a sole trader in Slovakia;
  3. he or she is a student and has sufficient funds to support their stay in Slovakia;
  4. he or she has sufficient funds to support him/herself and health insurance in Slovakia;
  5. he or she is in Slovakia with the purpose of finding employment.

UK citizens who already have family members established in Slovakia can move here under family reunification.

It should be noted that after the Withdrawal Agreement terminates, it is possible for UK citizens looking to immigrate to Slovakia to be requested to apply for residence visas prior to entering the country.

We kindly invite you to discuss your options with our lawyers in Slovakia for updated information depending on the period you decide to immigrate here. If you plan to move to Slovakia in 2024, our law firm is at your disposal with complete services.

If you have relocated to Slovakia and decided to apply for a passport, there are several things you should note. Among them, that even if there isn’t any formal written test for citizenship in Slovakia, you must submit documentation of your language proficiency and attend an interview when you submit your application. 

What is the simplest way to immigrate to Slovakia from the UK?

The conditions for immigration to Slovakia are not harsh, as there is a rather large community of expats from all over Europe that lives here. Depending on the skills, qualifications, and work experience of a UK citizen, relocation to Slovakia can be quite easy whether he or she finds employment or starts a business here.

Stating a business in Slovakia is much easier and less bureaucratic compared to other similar countries which is why it is worth considering this option. It is also one of the easiest ways to permanent residency once a British citizen becomes a shareholder in a local company.

No matter the choice, all immigration applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

Foreign citizens who want to relocate to Slovakia can rely on us.

The Slovak Golden Visa Scheme

Slovakia’s residency by investment scheme is similar to other EU countries’ programs, as it imposes a specific amount of money to be invested, and it also requires the investment to be made in a local business.

The program comes with several advantages, among which the following are worth mentioning:

  • Slovakia offers a cheap labor force and a unique tax rate of 19% applied to both individuals and companies;
  • the minimum amount to be invested is set at 100 million euros, however, the amount can be reduced through regional aids;
  • permanent residence can be obtained after 5 years of living here;
  • Slovak citizenship is available after 8 years of dwelling here.

If you are interested in immigrating to Slovakia from the UK and need assistance, please contact our local law firm. We can assist foreign citizens from other states who want to relocate to Slovakia in 2024.