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Immigrate to Slovakia from US

Immigrate to Slovakia from US

In recent years, Slovakia has become a very appealing destination for foreign citizens who come here for business or work reasons. The country’s economic development has turned it into one of the EU’s prosperous states which is why Slovakia now attracts persons from all corners of the world, including from the United States of America.

Persons who want to immigrate to Slovakia from the USA will find plenty of opportunities here and all they have to do if they relocate here is to complete the formalities that will enable them to legally live in this country.

Below, our lawyers explain how to move to Slovakia from the United States in 2024. You can rely on our law firm in Slovakia for various legal services, including immigration-related ones.

Visa requirements for American citizens traveling to Slovakia

Slovakia is a member of the Schengen area which enables its citizens to travel freely to other member states, including to the United States. In return, US citizens can freely travel to Slovakia if their stay does not exceed 90 days.

When it comes to long-term stays, those interested in immigration to Slovakia must apply for one of the relevant visas which enable them to complete various activities here.

Our immigration lawyers in Slovakia are at your service with detailed information on immigration from the United States. Thanks to the provision for Slovak citizenship by ancestry, around 800,000 Americans and 1.5 million other people worldwide will be able to obtain Slovak passports. There are many foreign citizens with Slovak descent living in Serbia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Types of visas for American citizens immigrating to Slovakia in 2024

There are several types of visas available when it comes to long-term immigration to Slovakia from the US. Among these, we mention the following:

  • the temporary residence permit;
  • the permanent residence permit.

It should be noted that temporary residence can be obtained for one of the following purposes:

  • employment;
  • business;
  • study;
  • special activities;
  • research and development activities;
  • family reunification.

Obtaining a temporary residence permit and prolonging it for 5 years can lead to permanent residence for US citizens interested in immigration to Slovakia.

The procedure related to immigration to Slovakia from the US is not complicated and can be overseen by our local law firm. We can also advise on how to divorce in Slovakia.

Documents related to immigration to Slovakia from the US

Just like nationals of other countries, US citizens must prepare a set of documents when moving to Slovakia in 2024. These are:

  1. the application form which is usually available in Slovak;
  2. the valid passport (the passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of the application);
  3. two passport-sized photographs;
  4. a clean criminal record is also required alongside the other document;
  5. proof of accommodation (at least 6 months of stay should be ensured);
  6. proof of financial support (the amount depends on the duration of stay).

It should be noted that the amount of money required for self-sustenance in Slovakia also depends on the purpose of the applicant. Businesspersons and sole traders, for example, will be required a higher amount of money compared to those coming here for employment purposes.

When it comes to the proof of accommodation, a rental contract should suffice.

All documents provided to the Slovak authorities upon immigration cannot be older than 90 days.

If you want to move to Slovakia from the United States and need assistance in preparing the documents to be filed with the Ministry of the Interior, our lawyers can guide you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Slovakia.

 Immigrate to Slovakia from the US and obtain permanent residency

US citizens seeking to relocate to Slovakia can also apply for permanent residence here with the purpose of obtaining citizenship. There are several ways to obtain a Slovak permanent residence permit which include:

  • living in Slovakia for 5 years based on a temporary residence permit;
  • being married to a Slovak citizen;
  • having relocated to Slovakia through the Golden Visa Scheme.

It should be noted that the last program enables foreign citizens from non-EU countries, including the US to immigrate to Slovakia by making a significant contribution to the economy. Under Slovakia’s Golden Visa program, the minimum amount of money to be invested is 150,000 euros for setting up a business. Also, the scheme comes with other conditions, among which is the creation of at least 30 full-time jobs.

If you have decided to move here, please note that there are a few requirements for the documents you provide with your application for citizenship in Slovakia. The first requirement is that all the paperwork you submit for your citizenship application be in Slovak. For this purpose, you can rely on our lawyers who can help you draft them. Our immigration lawyers in Slovakia can offer more information on the Golden Visa program. We are at the service of people who want to relocate to Slovakia.

Immigration statistics in Slovakia

According to the latest information gathered by the Slovak Statistics Office:

  • the Slovak population accounted for 5,422,620 inhabitants at the beginning of 2024;
  • out of these, 1,316 were immigrants and 887 emigrants;
  • these numbers imply a total migration rate of 429 persons in the first quarter of the year.

With respect to the foreign population living in Slovakia, older information indicates that at the end of 2022, there were 278,595 residence permit holders. They represented a little over 5% of the country’s total population. Compared to other EU countries, Slovakia ranked 3rd in terms of the lowest percentage of immigrants. Also, 67% of the foreigners living in Slovakia come from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine.

If you want to immigrate to Slovakia from the United States of America and need assistance, please contact us. You can also rely on us if you want to move to Slovakia from another country in 2024.