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Immigrate to Slovakia

Immigrate to Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the countries in full economic development since its accession to the European Union. It is a small, yet well positioned country that attracts numerous investors who come here to open companies, but also citizens from neighboring countries who seek to immigrate to Slovakia.

Those interested in moving to Slovakia must meet certain requirements, however, it should be noted that their country of residence is also very important when choosing the timeframe to relocate here for.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Slovakia explain the main immigration options for EU and non-EU citizens and the procedures associated with them. If you want to relocate to Slovakia, we are at your service for reliable assistance.

 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU) (Yes/No)  


Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (Yes/No)


Types of visas available 

 entry visa, student visa, business visa, employment permit, temporary residence permit
Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) Approx. 15 working days
Validity of temporary residence permit  12 months
Temporary residence permit renewal requirements 

Can be renewed 2 times maximum

Documents for obtaining a residence visa  Application form, employment contract, proof of education


Time frame for obtaining permanent residence in Slovakia (approx.) 5 years of living in Slovakia
Investor visa availability (Yes/No) Yes
Start up visa scheme availability (Yes/No) No
Sponsorship requirement (Yes/No) No
Time frame for obtaining citizenship  8 years of living in Slovakia
Citizenship/ Residency by investment scheme availability (Yes/No)  No
Taxation of foreign citizens   19% rate for income of EUR 38,553, 25% for amounts exceeding EUR 38,553 
Tax benefits for expats Access to double tax treaties

EU citizens seeking to relocate to Slovakia

It is not uncommon for citizens of EU countries to immigrate to Slovakia, as the procedure is simple. They have several options they can appeal to:

  • they have found employment here;
  • they have family members who already live and decide to move in with them;
  • they want to start a business and run it from here.

Students can also start or complete their studies here without having to go through a lengthy or complicated procedure.

Citizens of EU countries who want to move to Slovakia do not need visas to enter the country. All they need to do is to register with the local authorities when entering the country. Even so, they are required apply for permanent residency and citizenship after living here for a specific period of time.

If you plan to immigrate to this country from an EU member state, do not hesitate to discuss your options with our law firm in Slovakia. If you decide to relocate to Slovakia, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can also request guidance in divorce procedures in Slovakia.

Visa options for non-EU citizens who immigrate to Slovakia

Non-EU citizens interested in relocating to Slovakia have several options in terms of residency. These are:

  1. business which enables them to start and manage their own companies in Slovakia;
  2. employment through which they can live and work in Slovakia;
  3. research and development activities, as well as sports, religious or cultural endeavors;
  4. family reunification for those who have family members who are permanent residents or citizens of Slovakia.

A special case is that of non-EU citizens who have obtained residence permits in other EU member states that enable them to immigrate to Slovakia without other formalities.

Slovakia is a very welcoming country when it comes to non-EU citizens, as companies here thrive and are looking for employees from other countries.

The residence permit is the main document attesting a person is legally living in Slovakia. This can be:

  • a short-term permit;
  • a long-term permit;
  • a permanent residence permit.

No matter the type of residency you are interested in, do not hesitate to reach out to our Slovak immigration lawyers for a verification of all your options. You can rely on for tailored services if you want to relocate to Slovakia.

Here is also an infographic on this subject:

How to apply for a residence permit for Slovakia

There are two ways a foreign citizen interested in immigration to Slovakia can apply for a residence permit. The first and most common is applying from abroad with the diplomatic mission of Slovakia in the applicant’s home state. The second one is applying directly with the Slovak authorities after entering the country based on a temporary stay visa.

The procedures are the same in terms of documents, so if you are interested in relocating to Slovakia, our lawyers can help you in preparing all the necessary paperwork. We strongly advise candidates to also prospect the real estate market and find suitable accommodation before entering the country.

Moving to Slovakia based on employment

One of the most popular reasons for immigrants from outside the European Union to move to Slovakia is employment. This occurs because foreign nationals must first secure a job offer that will ensure a steady income, allowing them to live here carefree.

People who wish to apply for Slovak residence permits based on job have the following choices:

  • single visas allowing foreigners to work and live in Slovakia;
  • work permits with short-term residency permits that allow visitors to remain in the nation while looking for work;
  • for non-EU individuals who have obtained EU resident cards, temporary residency permits;
  • temporary residence permits are issued for family reunion.

The non-EU national will also require an entry visa when traveling to Slovakia, provided they are a first-time resident permit holder.

It is important to note that when applying for a single residence permit that also includes a work visa, you should be aware that such permits often take about one month to be given. This is because hiring non-EU citizens needs having an employer.

Our lawyers in Slovakia are available to answer any questions you may have about the Employment Law and can provide extensive information.

Immigrate to Slovakia based on family reunification

Foreign nationals who have moved to Slovakia and secured residency permits may request family reunion visas to bring their immediate family members with them. If they intend to stay in the nation for more than 90 days in a year, they must obtain temporary residency permits.

Family reunification residence permits are available for the following family members in Slovakia:

  • the spouse of the Slovak resident; the resident’s minor children or the children of his or her spouse;
  • dependent adult children may also migrate to Slovakia; and the resident’s parents or parents-in-law.

The main conditions for bringing dependent adult children are related to their health difficulties, which prevent them from being able to support themselves. Feel free to address our law firm in Slovakia for detailed information on bringing family members to live with you.

Documents required for immigration to Slovakia

The following are the primary paperwork to prepare and submit to the embassy or consulate in your home country if you intend to immigrate to Slovakia:

  • the passport, which must be valid for at least six months;
  • for non-EU nationals, a health certificate may also be required (depending on the applicant’s country of origin);
  • additionally, a clear criminal record may be required (particularly for individuals entering on investment visas);
  • reason for the move (employment contract, sponsorship from an educational institution, pension coupon, etc.
  • evidence of a place to stay (rental agreement, lease contract, proof of property ownership).

Our immigration lawyers in Slovakia are at your disposal for support if you want to move here.

What is the simplest way to immigrate to Slovakia?

The relocation procedure starts with the submission of the necessary documents with the Immigration Information Centre in Slovakia, as there are no specific steps to complete based on the type of visa solicited.

So, when you plan to move to Slovakia, you can simply enquire with our lawyers about the documents to prepare, among which a valid passport is the main requirement, followed by the papers associated with your reason of relocation.

Timeframe for obtaining permanent residence in Slovakia

Foreign citizens interested in obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in Slovakia have the following options:

  • permanent residence through marriage after 5 years of living here;
  • long-term residence can be obtained after living here for 5 uninterrupted years;
  • indefinite permanent residence based on a 5-year residence permit plus 4 years of living here;
  • citizenship can be obtained after 8 years of living in Slovakia based on indefinite permanent residency.

Here is also a video on this subject:

Why relocate to Slovakia?

When it comes to the advantages for becoming a Slovak residence permit holder, the following is what needs to be emphasized first:

  • 4 years after registering for a temporary residency permit, permanent residency in the state territory;
  • access without restriction to all 26 European Union nations;
  • possibility of opening a new company in the European market.

A business owner with operations in Slovakia is also permitted to operate in other EU nations, establish affiliates, and market their goods under EU trademarks. Furthermore, Slovakia has become one of the most developed research and development centers in Europe in the past few years, the government offering great support for such businesses.

Are you interested in immigration to SlovakiaContact us now and let our Slovak law firm be your guide!