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Intellectual Property Law in Slovakia

Intellectual Property Law in Slovakia

Intellectual property is protected in Slovakia by a set of rules of law. Persons or investors who are interested in these regulations should study the main acts applicable here, created for various types of intellectual properties. Our team of Slovakian lawyers can assist foreign investors with information related to the latest modifications of the laws, which are enforced by the Industrial Property Office of the state. 

Slovakia, member of the WIPO 

Slovakia is a member state of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a body established in order to create an international legal framework applicable to the countries which have subscribed to its laws. At the same time, it is important to know that WIPO provides assistance for the resolution of intellectual property conflicts

According to WIPOintellectual property represents any type of work which is considered a creation of the mind. In this category are included inventions, literary works, artistic works, but also symbols used by companies to represent their commercial identities (logos, brands); our team of Slovak attorneys can provide an in-depth presentation on the broad meaning of intellectual property

Slovak laws protecting intellectual property 

Any company operating in Slovakia is represented by a certain logo, which should be registered in order to be protected by the local intellectual property laws. According to the stipulations of Act no. 444/2002, such logos enter into the category of designs, which have to meet certain requirements in terms of shape, colors, contours and other features. 

design registered in Slovakia is valid for a period of five years, and after that, the company will need a new license. According to the case, the investor can register for a single application or for a collective application, if he or she needs to protect several designs. They will be further categorized into classes of designs, as established by the international laws. 

Slovakian patents are protected by the Act no. 435/2001, while trademarks are regulated by the Act no. 506/2009

Persons who need further information on the intellectual property law in Slovakia can address to our law firm in Slovakia for assistance.