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Legal Services in Slovakia

Legal Services in Slovakia

Moving to another country implies getting acquainted with the regulations and laws applicable in that country. It is also the case of those moving to Slovakia for starting a business or after obtaining employment with a local company. 

If you wish to establish a company in Slovakia or you need help with a litigation caseour local lawyers can guide you through all the procedures needed and can also represent you in front of the available Courts in this country, so as to solve any matter in the shortest time. We have a wide area of expertise in several legal domains.

No matter the reasons a foreigner moves to this country, one can receive assistance under the form of legal services offered by our law firm in Slovakia. Of course, our team can provide legal representation during the process of immigration to Slovakia

What legal services can I obtain in Slovakia?

The list of legal services offered by our Slovak lawyers is quite extensive and contains:

  • assistance in various matters related to the Civil Law, such as marriage registration, divorce or child custody;
  • assistance in litigation cases related to the Commercial and Civil Code, including contract disputes and debt collection cases;
  • guidance in buying a property in Slovakia, including real estate due diligence and drafting the sale-purchase contract;
  • assistance in starting a company in Slovakia, which is one of the main reasons foreigners move here for;
  • assistance in applying for various types of licenses related to starting a business;
  • guidance in applying for residence or work permits, including for obtaining Slovak citizenship. If a person has lived continuously in Slovakia for 5 years or possesses a Blue Card and has spent at least five years in an EU member state, they may apply for a long-term residence (with the last 2 years in Slovakia). Additionally, continuing to live here, they can earn the right to citizenship in Slovakia. Contact our immigration lawyers for details on citizenship pathways.
  • business consulting services, including tax advice and planning, and tax minimization.

If you need any other type of legal advice, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Slovakia and talk to one of our attorneys about your situation. You can also count us our specialists if you are interested in moving to Slovakia. Visa-required citizens of third countries may apply for a temporary residency in Slovakia at the Slovak embassy or consulate in their country of residence. Additionally, third-country nationals without a visa may submit an application at the Foreign Police office in Slovakia upon arrival. Get in touch with our immigration lawyers for guidance in obtaining such a permit.

Litigation solicitors in Slovakia

Our lawyers in Slovakia are qualified to represent clients in different types of disputes. Whether you need representation in a commercial litigation case or in a civil one do not hesitate to contact our Slovak law firm

When it comes to the litigation cases we can help you in, we mention the following:

  • assistance in divorce procedures, child custody and maintenance, and spousal support;
  • legal advice in employment disputes, no matter if you are an employer or an employee;
  • guidance in resolving contractual or commercial disputes in the court of law;
  • legal services related to real estate disputes or other types of litigation cases.

Our litigation lawyers in Slovakia can represent both local and foreign citizens before the local courts. We also offer assistance to those deciding to resolve disputes through arbitration or mediation.

Assistance in buying or selling real estate in Slovakia

One of the most sought legal services in Slovakia is the one related to purchasing or selling a property. No matter if you are a foreign or a Slovak citizen interested in acquiring residential or commercial real estate, we can guide you through the purchase procedure.

Among the legal services related to the acquisition of real estate properties, we remind that we can carry our legal real estate due diligence which will imply verifying the property to be bought with the Land Register in Slovakia. We can then prepare the pre-sale agreement between the buyer and the seller and, at last, prepare the sale-purchase contract in order to finalize the transaction.

Legal services for obtaining a residence or work permit in Slovakia

If you are a foreign citizen and want to apply for a work or residence permit for Slovakia, do not hesitate to reach out to our lawyers who can guide you through the entire procedure. We can also help Slovak companies interested in hiring foreign workers and guide them through the necessary steps for applying for work permits on their behalf.

Foreign investors applying for residence permits will find it easier to set up businesses in this country, a case in which our attorneys in Slovakia can help.

Marriage registration in Slovakia

Slovakia is a very appealing destination for foreign citizens who come to get married. However, apart from the romantic side, there is also the legal side that needs to be considered when coming here for this purpose.

Before starting to plan your trip here, our lawyers can advise on the visa requirements if you are non-EU citizen, as well as on the documents you need to bring with you. Apart from these, certain papers need to be translated and certified.

If you are Slovak citizen who got married abroad, you can rely on us for having your marriage certificate acknowledged by the Slovak authorities in order to avoid misunderstandings.

This is also the case of divorce decrees obtained abroad.

Even if Slovakia is an European Union member state and most of the national laws are harmonized with EU directives, there are cases, such as those related to the Civil Code in which certain matters need to be addressed here.

If you need any legal service that falls under the Civil Law, you can rely on our legal services in Slovakia.

Special legal services for foreign investors in Slovakia

Foreign citizens and investors who come to Slovakia can rely on us for various legal services. They will benefit from all our support if they want to move here by investing under the residency by investment scheme or by setting up any type of activity by registering a company here.

Residency by investment in Slovakia does not imply injecting any imposed amount of money, it only requires the creation of permanent jobs for the community which makes this program one of the most appealing in Europe. Permanent residence can be obtained after 5 years of living here, while citizenship is available after 3 more years.

Those who decide to simply open companies here can rely on us for assistance in drafting the incorporation documents, filing them with the office of the Trade Register in which the business will operate, plus tax and VAT registration.

Foreign investors can also benefit from our virtual office services which enable them to choose a legal address for their companies is one Slovakia’s most important business centers. This is one of the fastest ways of meeting one of the most important requirements when running a business in Slovakia: having a registered address here. This is also a cheaper option to the traditional rent.

Also, if they want to bring foreign employees to Slovakia, our lawyers can handle the requirements associated with work permits and complying with employment regulations here.

Foreign investors benefit from equal treatment when compared to local ones, however, from a taxation point of view, they might be subject to special criteria, which is where our tax lawyers can look into the matter and advise in accordance.

Making sure you benefit from all the support so that you encounter no problem is part of our legal services in Slovakia. Also, if you have any questions related to certain laws, you can send them to our attorneys who can guide you through the legal hurdles of being an investor in a foreign country.

Assistance in intellectual property matters in Slovakia

Intellectual property is one of the most important matters when starting a business or engaging in creative work. Under the national law, trademarks, patents, and copyright can be registered as intellectual property with the help of our lawyers in Slovakia.

Our legal services include trademark registration, but also oppositions if you have found out your mark has been illegally used by another party. Also, if you have an e-commerce business and website, we strongly advise you to register the name of your company as a trademark for enhanced protection.

Tax advice and accounting planning in Slovakia

In case you need guidance in tax issues in Slovakia or you are in search of consultancy in accounting, our specialists can offer solutions for both companies and individuals. Our experts are highly trained in matters of the Slovak fiscal law and thus, they can help you respect all legal taxation rules and apply the tax minimization methods.

Legal assistance in company formation matters in Slovakia

Our law firm in Slovakia can offer customized legal advice for investors who want to establish their business in this country. We also present you the options and the differences between the legal structures available and making sure that your choice will best suit your interests. We can assist you with any required documents, residence services and many more. You can seek counsel from our lawyers who will assist you during the whole process of registering a company and in other company formation issue,s you may encounter.

When it comes to the opening of a company in Slovakia, we can help with the following:

  • assistance in choosing the right type of business form in accordance with your needs;
  • preparation of the documents required to register a company with the Trade Register, this implies drafting, notarizing and translating of any documents required;
  • filing of the documents with the Companies Registrar in Slovakia through a power of attorney;
  • bank account opening and business licensing procedures, as well as tax registration.

We also offer business consulting services in case you need assistance in upgrading your business.

Among the types of companies foreign investors can open in Slovakia, we remind the limited liability company which is one of the most popular business forms in Europe, public companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships.

We can also assist those who want to set up joint ventures or franchises in Slovakia.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our lawyers in Slovakia for detailed information on our services related to starting a business here.

We also have a team of immigration lawyers in Slovakia who are at your disposal.

Establishing branches and subsidiaries in Slovakia

Branches and subsidiaries are often the choice of many foreign entrepreneurs. These two are dependent on the parent company and can offer the owner the chance to easily manage and control these structures. The branch, however, does not have legal personality, as the subsidiary has. Our local lawyers can offer you more information about the differences between branches and subsidiaries and help you establish such business forms in the country.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Slovakia

Before operating a merger or an acquisition, entrepreneurs are recommended to seek legal advice from a qualified lawyerMergers and acquisitions are an important part of business law and these procedures must be done in accordance with all current legislation regulations.

Liquidation of a legal entity in Slovakia

If for any reason you decide on closing your Slovak companyour local solicitors are here to guide you through the liquidation process, regardless of the situation causing it, whether it is because of a bankruptcy case or a retirement plan. All actions operated by our Slovak lawyers comply with the current regulations and laws.

Acquiring business permits and licenses in Slovakia

Special permits or licenses may be required depending on the type of business activity that is being conducted in the company. Our team of solicitors in Slovakia can help investors obtain special business permits and licenses.

Debt collection in Slovakia

Our lawyers can assist you in any debt collection case in Slovakia, which at times can be quite complicated. Thus, it is recommended to call on the services of our experienced solicitors.

Legal services in major cities in Slovakia

Slovakia has several important cities that are important for its economy and where major events occur. These are also preferred by investors who seek to open companies. No matter the corner of the country you come from, you can rely on our lawyers in Slovakia in cities like Bratislava, Kosice, Zilina, or Presov.

If you need any legal service in a Slovak city, our lawyers can provide the support you need, including court representation.

Economic forecast for the Slovak economy

According to a report issued by European Commission, Slovakia’s economy is on an ascending trend, as:

  • in 2021, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow by 4.8%;
  • in 2022, the Slovak economy is predicted to grow to 5.2%;
  • the unemployment level is expected to decrease 6.6% in 2022.

For any questions you might have on our legal services, including on immigration to Slovakia, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why choose our law firm in Slovakia?

With a vast experience in all fields of the law, our team of attorneys, including our immigration lawyers in Slovakia, can offer personalized advice based on the client’s case in order to meet their requirements. We strive to offer the best legal services for our clients in the shortest time possible in order to reduce the time spent in court and to resolve any case as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information on all the legal services we provide in Slovakia.