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Obtain Information about Slovak Companies

Obtain Information about Slovak Companies

Any company or individual entrepreneur active in Slovakia is assigned specific information that enables their identification. Businessmen interested to obtain information about Slovak companies can access the public registry of the Slovakian Ministry of Justice and retrieve details about specific companies. The experts at our law firm in Slovakia  can assist you in collecting all relevant data about companies and other legal entities of your interest.

Situations that require a verification of a Slovak company

The information that can be retrieved when searching for more details about a Slovak company consists of: the type of company, the number of shareholders, the economic sector where the company is incorporated, the status of the company at the stock market.

It is advisable to obtain these details about a Slovak company in a number of situations, such as:

•    Before closing an agreement with a Slovak company;
•    When looking for a Slovak contractor or supplier;
•    For commercial cooperation and any form of partnership with Slovak companies;
•    When interested in starting a joint venture with a Slovak entrepreneur;
•    When looking forward to invest capital into Slovak companies;
•    When planning a merger or an acquisition with/of a Slovak business.

Businessmen who wish to receive more details about a Slovak company can request legal assistance from our attorneys in Slovakia who can perform a company due diligence, which is a process of verifying all the available information related to a certain company. We can also help in immigration matters.

After gaining residency in Slovakia you must fill out an application at the closest Foreign Police Department in order to request your card. Additionally, you must take 2 color photographs with you when filing your application. The procedure is quite simple and can be explained by our immigration lawyers.

We can also advise on matters related to citizenship in Slovakia. There are various ways to acquire it and one of the most advantageous is ancestry. In this case, there are no prerequisites for Slovak language proficiency or cultural knowledge for applicants entering the descendent class. 

How to find information about Slovak companies?

Cooperatives and companies established in Slovakia must undergo the registration procedure in order to start their activity. The Slovak Trade Register is the local authority in charge of this process. When registered, every company in Slovakia is assigned a unique name and a business identification number, inscribed in the Trade Register. This name and number can be accessed online and allow individuals to search details about any economic activity registered with the Trade Register. When looking for information about Slovak companies, other search criteria (aside from the name and business identification number) include: the registered seat, the registration number and the name of the person who owns the company.  More details on this matter can be provided by our solicitors in Slovakia.

If you need to obtain information about a certain company in Slovakia, as well as if you need legal assistance when entering into a partnership or collaboration with a local company, we invite you to contact our Slovak lawyers.