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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Slovakia

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Slovakia

Slovakia has evolved a lot in terms of financial legislation in the last few years. Now, those who want to set up companies in this field can also open businesses in the fintech sector and more precisely in the cryptocurrency field.

We are a team of Slovak lawyers who specialize in offering company registration services to those interested in starting a business here. We can also help those who want to open cryptocurrency companies in Slovakia.

Open a cryptocurrency business with the help of our law firm in Slovakia

The procedure related to setting up a cryptocurrency business is the same as for any other type of company in Slovakia. For this purpose, a local or foreign entrepreneur must first register a company with the Trade Register.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can help with the preparation of the documents related to registering the company, with their filing with the Trade Register and the registration for taxation purposes.

Types of cryptocurrency activities in Slovakia

There are various types of activities which can be undertaken by a cryptocurrency business in Slovakia and among these we mention:

  • –          activities related to the creation of digital tokens, such as mining activities;
  • –          activities related to the issuance and sale of new or existing cryptocurrencies;
  • –          installation of cryptocurrency ATMs in various cities across the country;
  • –          initial coin offerings (ICOs) which are quite popular in Slovakia;
  • –          crowdfunding platforms through which cryptocurrency companies can raise money.

We remind investors that our attorneys in Slovakia are specialized in helping those who want to open businesses in this country, including cryptocurrency companies.

We can also help you apply for citizenship in Slovakia. The process is simple, however, you must have lived here for 8 years if you choose the naturalization pathway. However, the same applies if you choose investment. The main advantage of the second is that it offers more security in terms of financial stability. Contact us, no matter the option you decide on.

Licenses for cryptocurrency companies in Slovakia

There are two ways of starting a cryptocurrency business in Slovakia: by registering an IT company or a financial business. In the case of financial companies, a license from the Financial Authority in Slovakia will be required. In the case of IT companies, this license not required.

Considering the government plans on taxing cryptocurrency-related activities, we invite you to contact our lawyers for more information on this aspect. We remind you that our lawyers in Slovakia are specialized in assisting with the registration of a cryptocurrency business, so you can rely on us for such services.