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Open a General Partnership in Slovakia

Open a General Partnership in Slovakia

Several types of companies are available for establishment in Slovakia. The most common types of business in Slovakia are: general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and joint stock companies. General partnerships can be founded by at least two individuals or legal entities (partners). They manage the company and make all relevant decisions about it.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can provide detailed information about each type of business available for registration in this country.

Characteristics of general partnerships in Slovakia

general partnership in Slovakia (verejná obchodná spoločnosť) can be established in specific conditions, stipulated by the Slovak Commercial Code. This type of business can have at least two members and no limit of maximum members is imposed by the legislation. These members are fully liable, with their whole private property.

No minimum amount of registered capital has to be paid by the members when a general partnership is established in Slovakia. Therefore, its members are general partners, can be directors of the company and actively involved in the management of the company and its representation. The members of a general partnership can be citizens of an EU/EEA country, or nationals from a third country, holding a permanent residence permit in any EU country or a temporary residence permit in Slovakia.

Complete information about the specific features of general partnerships can be given to you by our team of solicitors in Slovakia.

How to set up a general partnership in Slovakia

The process of opening a general partnership in Slovakia is divided into specific stages. These are the basic requirements for starting this type of business:

•    choose a name for the company and make sure is unique – you can apply for a name certificate with the Commercial Register held by the District Court;
•    Prepare the founding documents of the company – articles of association and other documents and have them notarized with a public notary  – our lawyers in Slovakia can handle this procedure on your behalf;
•    Obtain a trade license and register for tax purposes with the District Court;
•   Register with sickness insurance, pension and disability and unemployment insurance with a local insurance company.

If you need legal assistance for opening a general partnership, don`t hesitate to contact our team of Slovak lawyers.