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Open a Publishing Company in Slovakia

Open a Publishing Company in Slovakia

The company formation procedure in Slovakia is simple thus encouraging for foreign investors in this country but also for local entrepreneurs. Apart from the typical steps which must be pursued by any company owner in order to register an enterprise in this country, there are several punctual elements which are implied by the formation of a publishing businessOur Slovak lawyers can help you with the elaboration of the registration file which must be filed with the Company Register in this country.

First steps in the set-up of a publishing company in Slovakia

As any company needs to be in the evidence of the authorities, if you invest in Slovakia in the publishing sector you will first have to elaborate a registration file. This consist of the articles of association, which explain the purpose, activities and number of employees in you firm, id documents about the owner and information of the location of the publishing business.

If you want to be as visible as possible, you should chose an inspired business name and be careful with the spot where you intend to open your publishing enterprise. You should also give enough attention to the website of your business.

Our attorneys in Slovakia are ready to elaborate for you the documents you need for the application with the Slovak Business Agency. If you wish to invest in Slovakia and request a residence permit, we can help. You must register a business for this reason, which our lawyers may help you with. We provide both services if you choose to relocate here and start a business so that you can benefit from our collaboration. Contact us for guidance in obtaining Slovak residency this way.

Key aspects when you open a publishing company in Slovakia

Most investors who want to set up a publishing company in Slovakia will have to sign several contracts wither for obtaining an adequate space for the enterprise or employment contracts, or services contracts – for example with paper and supplies providers. 

For some of the works you are going to publish, you might need to perform a research concerning publishing rights and copyright. The Slovakia: Act No. 185/2015 Coll. on Copyright and Related Rights contains some of the key regulations on intellectual property that you should know about.

Feel free to contact our law firm in Slovakia to benefit from professional legal services and updated information on the local legislation.