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Power of Attorney in Slovakia

Power of Attorney in Slovakia

If you want someone to represent you in any action that you want to make in Slovakia, it would be best to execute a power of attorney. A power of attorney in Slovakia is a judicial act in which the person executing it voluntarily gives authority in favor of another person to enter into any transaction or perform any act such as registration of business. It can be done in favor of more than one person and may be made orally or in writing. It must be put in writing if the act to be done requires a written document or if more than one act has to be done by the Slovak representative. Regardless of the form, all acts done by the representative bind the principal, as long as it is within his/her authority. Our law firm in Slovakia has assisted many clients in executing a power of attorney.

Requisites of a power of attorney in Slovakia

Although there is no specific form for a Slovak power of attorney, there are certain requisites that have to be present in order to make it valid. Our lawyers in Slovakia have listed them down:

1. Principal

The principal has to be clearly identified when executing a power of attorney. The principal has to voluntarily give authority to the representative and must have the capacity to do so. This means that he/she must be conscious of his/her actions and must be of legal age.

2. Agent 

The agent is the person whom the principal gave authority to. The agent can either be a natural or juridical person and this fact must be stated clearly. The agent must also have legal capacity to represent the principal. All actions done by the agent within his/her authority binds the principal.

3. Authority

The authority given by the principal to the agent must be clearly identified and limited. It must clearly specify what acts the agent is allowed or prohibited to do. The principal must also have the authority to perform the act that the agent must perform. Otherwise, the power of attorney will be invalid.

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Going beyond the power of attorney in Slovakia

The power of attorney comprises the acts that the representative in Slovakia is allowed to do. Anything beyond that is deemed null and void. In order to nullify the acts of the agent, the principal must notify the party with whom the agent transacted and inform him/her  that no approval was given for such act. Failure to do so would result to the ratification of the void act. This will make the act valid. Our Slovak lawyers can help you define the limitations of your power of attorney.

power of attorney in Slovakia is a very significant document. Make sure that you consult our associates in our law firm in Slovakia before you execute a power of attorney. We can also help you if you need a power of attorney in Dubai or in another region/ country, through our local partners.

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