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Register a Marriage in Slovakia

Register a Marriage in Slovakia

Persons interested in getting married in Slovakia should be familiar with the local legislation, as the legal provisions in this sense may vary according with the status of the spouses. In accordance with the provisions of the international legislation, the local law stipulates that a marriage in Slovakia can be concluded between two Slovakian citizens or a Slovakian citizen and a foreigner. Our Slovakian lawyers can provide you with assistance on the marriage procedure if you intent to marry here. 

Wedding in Slovakia 

Individuals who want to get married in Slovakia should know that they can opt for a marriage ceremony at a local Registry Office or in a church. The legislation states that the Registry Office is chosen in accordance with the permanent residence of one of the spouses; as such, if the persons live in two different areas of a city, they can opt for one of the two available Offices. 

A couple getting married in a church is required to submit a marriage certificate at the Registry Office in a period of maximum 3 days after the date in which the ceremony was held; our lawyers in Slovakia can provide you with more details on this topic. 

Marriage in Slovakia – main documents 

In the situation in which one of the future spouses is a foreigner, he or she will have to submit the following documents to the local authorities: 

• a birth certificate;

• a legal document certifying that the foreign person is capacitated to get married, issued by a Registry Office situated in the country of origin of the foreigner getting married in Slovakia;

• a valid passport;

• a residence permit issued in Slovakia or other document which certifies that the foreigner lives in Slovakia on a legal basis;

• a document stating the marital status;

• if the foreigner is a widow, it is required to provide a death certificate of the spouse;

• if the foreign person is divorced, he or she should also provide a divorce decree;

• an identity card.

The documents, which will be translated into Slovak by a certified translator, should be submitted within 14 days before the date established for the wedding; our lawyers can offer you legal services on any legal aspect related to a marriage in Slovakia, such as consultations on the documents required for this procedure or assitance for drafting various documents or contracts under the stipulations of the local law. 

If you need further information on the registration of a marriage in Slovakia, please contact our Slovakian law firm for assistance on this matter.