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Register a Trademark in Slovakia

Register a Trademark in Slovakia

Trademarks are verbal, figurative, three-dimensional signs used for distinguishing goods and services on the market. In order to register a trademark in Slovakia, specific requirements and conditions must be met. The Intellectual Property Law in Slovakia provides the legal framework for trademark registrationOur lawyers in Slovakia can assist you with any information regardingthe trademark legislation enforced by the Industrial Property Office.

Application for trademark registration in Slovakia

Trademarks are necessary when starting a business in Slovakia since they can promote awareness on company`s products and increase profitability. In order to register a trademark in Slovakia, an application must be submitted with the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. It can be filed in by any natural person or Slovak company and it has to be filed for one sign only. This application must contain the following information:

•    The request for registration of a trademark;
•    The mark that requires protection;
•    A list of goods and services which will be registered under the solicited trademark – it has to be in accordance to Nice classification;
•    Power of attorney signed on behalf of the applicant – this is necessary if the applicant cannot submit the application in person.

Our attorneys in Slovakia can help you gather the required documents and submit an application for trademark registration.

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The procedure of trademark registration in Slovakia

The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic performs an examination of the trademark application. If the application is approved, the trademark is registered and the proprietor is issued an authorization to use it. The trademark is valid for 10 years from the filing date of the application with the Office. It can be renewed upon request from the proprietor for another 10 years period.

An administrative fee has to be paid when the extension of a trademark is requested. This administrative fee is paid in Euros, within 15 days from notification of trademark application number assignment. If a trademark is unlawfully used, there are legal ways to solve intellectual property disputes in Slovakia, since the country applies the rules and regulations of the WIPO (World International Property Organization). 

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