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Resolve Commercial Disputes in Slovakia

Resolve Commercial Disputes in Slovakia

Foreign investors who have set their business operations in Slovakia or who have signed business contracts with Slovakian companies, who are involved in any type of commercial disputes, can address to our team of lawyers upon this matter. Commercial disputes in Slovakia are regulated by a set of rules and regulations which prescribe the way in which such legal cases can be solved. 

Arbitration legislation in Slovakia 

One of the main rules of law in terms of commercial disputes in Slovakia is the Arbitration Act 2002. The Act has last been amended several times since 2002, and the latest amendment came into force from the 1st of January 2015. The new Arbitration Act provides a better understanding on the civil and commercial disputes; at the same time, the definition of arbitration has been widely enlarged, in the sense that now all types of private law relationships became part of the arbitration process. 

Under the new Arbitration Act, arbitration refers to the methods applicable to disputes resolutions which can be solved without the enforcement of a decision taken by a Slovakian court, and that can be settled based on an agreement established between the parties involved. 

Persons can resolve a commercial dispute by choosing an alternative dispute resolution method as long as the other party (the debtor) cooperates in this matter; our team of Slovak lawyers can provide you with assistance in this matter. 

Litigation, as a commercial dispute resolution method in Slovakia 

In the situation in which the debtor refuses to meet his or her contractual obligations, the businessman can address to a Slovakian court, that will enforce a decision upon the litigation case. 

Commercial disputes in Slovakia, such as debt collection procedure, can be solved in the following courts: 

• the District Court – it is a first instance proceedings court; this type of court is established in all major districts in Slovakia;

• the Regional Court – established in the main regions of the country; from the 1st of January 2015, the Regional Court provides a legal solution on an appeal set out by the District Court;

• the Supreme Court – the courts provides solutions for civil or criminal cases and it can review the decisions taken by other administrative legal bodies.

If you need further information on the commercial disputes in Slovakia, please contact our team of Slovak attorneys, for advice or legal representation.