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Resolve Contractual Disputes in Slovakia

Resolve Contractual Disputes in Slovakia

Contractual disputes in Slovakia may arise from a wide variety of causes and factors on which agreements depend. No matter whether we talk about an employment contract or an outsourcing agreement between two companies, a contractual dispute is stressful, time consuming and it implies additional costs. It is therefore wise to inform yourself on the Slovak legislation and to discuss with our solicitors in Slovakia the most advantageous options for contractual disputes resolution in this country.

Alternative dispute resolution procedure in Slovakia

According to the Slovak Commercial Law, the entities which are involved in a contractual dispute in Slovakia may proceed in the resolution of their conflict by following the Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure (ADR). This is not a mandatory step to be pursued before addressing a Slovak court; however the employment of an alternative dispute resolution procedure might save you money and time.

The two main alternative resolution procedures in Slovakia are mediation and arbitration. These two procedures are governed by two acts: the Act on Arbitration Proceedings and the Act on Mediation. In these situations it is very useful to be able to present the mediation agreement which is usually an additional page included in the commercial contracts that you sign with different natural persons or legal entities. Even if you don’t have such a document, you can rely on the experience of our lawyers in Slovakia in order to help you present your case to the mediator. 

Litigation for contractual disputes in Slovakia

If none of the alternative resolution procedures has worked for your contractual dispute, you can address a Slovak court and start a litigation process. Depending on the complexity of the case, your problem might not be answered by the District court, and you might need to address to the Regional Court. Our attorneys in Slovakia can represent you and guide you through all the steps of litigation in this country.

Compared to an arbitration or mediation procedure, the litigation can take up to several years and can involve much larger costs than the alternative resolution procedures. Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Slovakia so that you can find the most suitable option to resolve a contractual dispute in this country.