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Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Slovakia

Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Slovakia

Intellectual property refers to any type of property which is the work of an individual or of a company, that is considered the result of the intellectual work, also referred as the creation of the mind. In this category we can mention artistic works, inventions, symbols – such as trademarks and logos or literary works, as specified by a definition provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an international body established to provide rules of law applicable in this field. It is important to know that Slovakia applies the rules and regulation of the WIPO, as it is a member-state of the institution. Our team of Slovakian lawyers can assist local and foreign persons with information referring to the protection of the intellectual property; they can also offer assistance for various disputes which can arise in this domain. 

Alternative dispute resolution in Slovakia 

Natural persons or companies involved in an intellectual property dispute should know they can try to solve the case through alternative dispute resolutions (ADR). Under the local law, there are several ADR methods which are available in this case: 

• determination by an expert;

• mediation;

• arbitration. 

Arbitration is governed by the rules and regulations imposed by the Act on Arbitration Proceedings, which implies the conclusion of an agreement signed by the parties involved in the case. 

Mediation is a way in which the both parties can conclude an amicable agreement, which will be convenient to both parties. In the situation in which the agreement established during the mediation procedure is signed through a notarial deed, its result can be used in the local court, if it may be the case; our team of Slovakian attorneys can provide more details on the stages of mediation

Common intellectual property disputes in Slovakia 

In the situation in which the above mentioned methods fail to provide a ruling on the case, the parts can address to a local court, which will enforce its proceedings.  

Our lawyers can assist in various cases referring to advertising or to the protection of trademarks or business names. 

Persons who are interested in receiving more details on the ways in which intellectual property disputes can be resolved in Slovakia, can address to our Slovakian law firm for assistance or legal representation.