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Signing Contracts with a Slovak Company

Signing Contracts with a Slovak Company

Very often foreign investors in Slovakia will be in the situation of signing business contracts for various issues. These documents bind both parties and require careful consideration and legal assistance. The provisions of an agreement with a Slovak company include the rights and obligations that both parties need to respect in order to make the business relationship work. You can call on the experience and proficiency of our Slovak lawyers who can assist you with the signing of your contracts in Slovakia

Provisions of the Commercial Code related to business contracts in Slovakia

The Commercial Code in Slovakia is the legal base regarding the way business contracts need to be concluded in this country. As a first rule, contracts with a company in Slovakia should be elaborated in written form, even if the agreement follows previous discussions and negotiations between the parties. You will need the assistance provided by our law firm in Slovakia in order to give legal recognition to the contracts you conclude in this state

The second chapter of the Slovak Commercial Code offers information on the types of business contracts you can sign with a company in Slovakia. Regardless whether you will need a sale-purchase contract, credit contracts or license contracts, you will need to formulate clearly your claims and to make sure you commit yourself only for actions that you can accomplish. Ourlaw firm in Slovakia can offer you appropriate guidance with the commercial legal framework in this country so that you can be informed before entering a business contract with a Slovak enterprise.

Key issues contained in a Slovak contract 

The Slovak Contract Law does not give exact information on what to write in a contract but gives you the general lines on which you can formulate your particular claims. Each business contract should make reference to the following issues:

• an offer – which is stated by a supplier, or the business which wished to provide a set of services or product to another legal entity;

• the acceptance of the other party, after which both parties become liable and bind to respect the provisions of the agreement; 

• consideration of the offer – which is not necessary in all the cases;

• contractual terms – which may vary depending on the type of contract you sign, and which refer to the rights and obligations of each party;

Feel free to contact our solicitors in Slovakia for more information concerning the content of a contract concluded with a company. We can also assist in immigration matters. You must register with the local authorities in the city you live in after being granted residency in Slovakia in order to be issued an identification document. Our immigration attorneys can explain the process, which is rather straightforward, but which needs to be completed in a few days from arrival in order to avoid fines.