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The Trade Register of the Slovak Republic

The Trade Register of the Slovak Republic

The Slovak legal frame allows the establishment of a range of companies, depending on the needs of their owners. Slovak companies started by any foreign entrepreneur must be registered in the Commercial Register. This rule is not applicable to citizens of the member states of the EU or OECD, or to those who attain permanent residence in these countries. The Slovak Trade Register is the place to register newly formed Slovak companies.

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The Trade Register of Slovakia

The Slovak trade register is the institution responsable for incorporating new companies and the place where you can obtain information about other Slovak companies. The application for registering a company has to be filed with the Trade Register no later than 90 days from the establishment of the company or from the date of obtaining a business authorization.

The process of company registration in Slovakia is chargeable. Depending on the type of business you want to register, different fees need to be paid. For the registration of a joint stock company the registration fee amounts to EUR 829.50. The registration of other legal entities as Slovak companies (partnerships, limited companies, branches or subsidiaries) costs EUR 331.50. In order to have your company registered in Slovakia you need to prepare the company`s documentation. Note that the Register only operates in Slovak language, so a prior translation and notarization of the documents is needed. The process of company registration can be done on line and it takes between five to ten working days; the presence of a Slovak attorney is compulsory for company registration.

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In 2022, the Slovak government announced that any person with a residence permit for the Slovak Republic and a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent who was a Czechoslovak citizen and was born on Slovak Republic territory may apply for Slovak citizenship through the passport by descent program.

The registration of a company in the Slovak Trade Register

All Slovak companies must register in the Trade Register in order to start doing business in this country. The following legal entities must register:

  •     General partnerships (GP);
  •     Limited partnership (LP);
  •     Limited liability companies (LLC);
  •     Join stock companies (JS);
  •     Branches and subsidiaries in Slovakia;
  •     Public companies;
  •     Unlimited companies.

When a company registers with the Trade Register it is automatically included in a catalogue of companies which is available to potential business partners. A registered company can place offers or demands of goods and services and respond to commercial demands from abroad.

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