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Types of Companies in Slovakia

Types of Companies in Slovakia

In Slovakia, there are different types of companies that can be established, depending on each entrepreneur’s possibilities and requirements. Every type of company in Slovakia has its own characteristics. Our lawyers in Slovakia can offer you advice regarding the most suitable legal entity for your own business requests.

Alike most European states, the most common kind of legal entity in Slovakia is the limited liability company, followed by the general and limited partnerships and the joint stock company.

1. The limited liability company (LLC) in Slovakia

The LLC in Slovakia is the most common type of legal entity in the country which can be established by local and foreign investors. 

This type of company in Slovakia can be founded by minimum one member and its shareholders may be private persons or other LLCs, however they cannot be more than 50.

The LLC should have a minimum capital of SKK 200,000 (EUR 6,638). The shareholders’ contribution must be of at least SKK 30,000 (EUR 995).

The LLC partners are responsible for the obligations of the company, to the extent of their contribution. Our solicitors in Slovakia can provide further details on this type of company in the country.

2. The general partnership (GP) in Slovakia

This type of company in Slovakia can be founded by minimum two members, without having a limit for the number of partners. 

The partners of a GP are entirely liable, with their own private property, however they do not have to acquit an initial investment.

The members of a GP in Slovakia have the right to get involved in the company management and to represent the business. Our Slovak lawyers can offer more details regarding GPs.

3. The limited partnership (LP) in Slovakia

The LP in Slovakia has pretty much the same characteristics as the GP, however one of the members is a general partner, while another one is a limited partner with a liability which depends on the contribution made to the company. 

4. The joint stock (JS) in Slovakia

joint stock company in Slovakia must have a basic capital of at least one million SKK. When the company is opened, at least 30% of this capital has to be paid up. In case the appointed value of a JS is in EU, the basic capital should be of EUR 25,000.

JS company can be formed by only one legal person. If there are private persons as co-partners, at least two individuals have to be in the position of shareholders. 

If you require more information on the other type of companies in Slovakia, or if you need assistance in opening a business in this country, please get in touch with our law firm in Slovakia.