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Virtual Office in Slovakia

Virtual Office in Slovakia

virtual office in Slovakia can offer substantial flexibility and significant savings in comparison to an actual office space. By choosing to open a virtual office in Slovakia, a foreign investor can establish a business presence in this country faster and less expensively than other alternatives. This type of office has a great development potential, even though it is quite a new service in Slovakia.

Communication facilities for a virtual office

Our Slovak lawyers can set up a virtual office with several communication facilities, such as:

  • – voicemail services, having the possibility of storing and converting voice messages into emails and then send them to the fax machine or email address of the client;
  • – a local phone number in Warsaw or another city of your choosing with answering services as well; thus, clients can send and receive any information or messages straight to their office;
  • – a fax number where we can also collect the faxes, sort and send them on to our clients;
  • – call redirection services so as to help our clients receive calls directly;
  • – if needed, we can collect bank statements as well.

Available space services for a virtual office in Slovakia

Our lawyers in Slovakia can provide clients with a virtual office in Warsaw, where they can have a registered office address, in one of the business centers of the city without having to spend an unnecessary amount of money on rent if they consider starting a business in in the Slovak Republic. We can help with establishing their professional address as a mailbox in order to receive, forward and send emails without the postal office services’ implications. Conference rooms and business meetings are not a problem either as we can provide these conditions whenever needed.

Our law firm in Slovakia can ensure a wide range of space services customized to each company, regardless of its size or business activity field. We can also assist in immigration matters. Over the past few years, people from various developing countries have become more likely to plan to define their stay in Slovakia in order to obtain a residence visa in Europe. The nation is ideal for emigration because it provides many benefits for every social group: students want free education, workers want a solid job and a fair income, and businesspeople want a reasonable tax system and typically honest business practices. Also, obtaining Slovak citizenship is quite easy.

Through our solicitors in the Slovak Republic, clients can benefit from broadband internet connection, an important aspect for a quick communication, advanced phone machines (with video calling features etc) and an all-in-one fax-copier-printer.

Advantages of a virtual office in the Slovak Republic

Some other benefits in having a virtual office in this country are:

  • – you do not need to go through all the hurdles of hiring people;
  • – you can benefit from professional services in a Slovak virtual office;
  • – you can select what business center should your virtual office be situated in;
  • – this type of office can be established in one or more Slovak cities.

Our Slovak law firm can counsel you in various legal matters like opening a virtual officesetting up a business etc. You can contact our lawyers so as to be kept in the loop concerning the latest provisions of the Slovak corporate law. Our lawyers can also help you comply with the main types of taxes in Slovakia.