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Wealth Management in Slovakia

Wealth Management in Slovakia

Wealth management in Slovakia is a professional service that combines investment advice and financial planning, legal estate planning, accounting and tax services. Wealth managers in Slovakia provide clients with banking services, accounting advice on financial and insurance activities.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can advise you on the legal aspects related to wealth management.  

Wealth management services in Slovakia

Wealth management services can be provided by both small and large Slovak companies. There are several types of entities which can offer wealth management services in Slovakia: independent asset managers, brokers and private banks or financial institutions. Irrespective of the wealth management provider, the process of wealth management includes the following activities:

•    Preparation of a client`s investment profile – an analysis of the financial situation, defining his/her financial priorities and goals and assessing the risks;
•    Creation of a wealth plan – elaborating an investment strategy, developing a tactical allocation of assets and a long-term orientation of the portfolio;
•    Active administration of assets – monitoring and adjusting the investments and avoiding market risks.

Our team of solicitors in Slovakia can provide you with a customized wealth management offer, according to your financial situation.

We can also help you apply for residency in Slovakia. For example, a foreigner may first decide on a temporary residency permit for business, employment, study, or family reunion. These are the most common ground foreigners use to relocate to this country temporarily but also permanently.

Managing wealth through investment funds in Slovakia

An investment fund is a supply of capital made by multiple investors in order to collectively acquire securities, while each investor retains ownership and control over his/her own shares. In 2016, Slovakia implemented a new type of collective investment scheme, known as a variable capital investment fund. The available investment funds in Slovakia now include:

•    Unincorporated open-ended and closed-ended unit trusts;
•    Funds operating as Slovak companies and cooperatives;
•    Variable capital investment funds.

The variable capital investment fund is a modified form of joint stock company, established with the purpose of raising collective investments. This type of investment fund in Slovakia can create sub-funds with separate liabilities and no legal personality. Nevertheless, they can develop their own wealth management strategies.  Investment funds can be used as wealth management strategies since they enable the supply of capital, securities purchase and the selling and buying of shares. They are useful and convenient investment vehicles, run by a management team that supervises a portfolio of investments. Investment funds can increase wealth through access to international markets. All types of investment funds are liable to tax treatment in Slovakia

For information regarding available wealth management strategies, please contact our law firm in Slovakia