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Will Preparation in Slovakia

Will Preparation in Slovakia

The testament in Slovakia allows a person to control how his/her estate is going to be distributed after his/her death. According to the Slovak Inheritance Law, there are various types of wills which are recognised in Slovakia. However there are strict provisions which need to be respected in order to make sure that the validity of the testament will not be challenged at a later time. Our Slovak lawyers are ready to help you elaborate a testament in compliance with the local legislation.

How can a will be prepared in Slovakia?

The Slovak Inheritance Law recognizes four different forms of wills, which differ in the way of their elaboration. As such, people can prepare one of the following versions of testament:

Holographic testament – is the will written by hand, and containing the autobiographical signature of the owner. The holographic testament is valid even if it is not elaborated in front of any witnesses. However it must be safely deposited at the Central Notary Register of Testaments

Allographic testament is elaborated in written form, as a computer document for example, and must be prepared in the presence of at least two witnesses, who must as well sign the document, thus certifying its validity.

Special forms of wills are elaborated when the owner’s health is deteriorated, and the person requires help in order to be able to write the will by himself/herself. In this case three legally capable witnesses must be present.

Notarial deed, when a lawyers is asked to prepare the will, which is subsequently registered with the Notarial central register

One of our attorneys in Slovakia can help their clients to prepare a will as a notarial protocol, and give them more information on the Notary Code and Inheritance Law in this country. 

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Legal aspects concerning inheritance in Slovakia

The Inheritance Law in Slovakia allows a testator to modify his/her will at any time, for example in case the family relationships change. Our Slovak solicitors can help you implement the modifications in the documet.

There are several institutions in Slovakia which support the implementation of the Inheritance law. One of the most important is the Central Notary Register of Wills. Here is the place where a person can register the original of a testament, and where a scan over the document is kept safe.

Feel free to contact our law firm in Slovakia in order to have a complete picture on the preparation of wills in this country.