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Franchise Agreements in Slovakia

Franchise Agreements in Slovakia

A franchise agreement represents a legal, requisite contract between a franchisor and a franchisee. The franchising concept is commonly comprehended in Slovakia, however, there is no special franchise-specific legislation in this jurisdiction. As follows, our lawyers in Slovakia present a few important points related to franchise agreements in Slovakia.

What is the most common type of franchise agreement in Slovakia?

The most popular type of franchise agreement in Slovakia is a mixture of a distributorship contract and the license of a package of intellectual property (IP) rights, generally of trademarks and know-how.

The license of IP rights in Slovakia is governed by the specific legislation which rules the respective IP rights.

Our solicitors in Slovakia can assist companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in entering into franchise agreements in this country.

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What is a franchisor and a franchisee?

A franchisor is the business owner and a franchisee is a person who intends to run a business which follows the franchisor’s model.

The franchisor’s interest is to expand his or her business, while thefranchisee wants to make a profit from a company which is proven to be successful and already has the entire infrastructure organized.

What are the most common provisions of a franchise agreement in Slovakia?

Franchise agreements in Slovakia generally contain requirements which impose certain restrictions on the franchisees, e.g.: a restriction of the areas where the franchisee can do business in, or a restriction of the competition by the franchisee with the franchisor.

Our Slovak lawyers have assisted numerous entrepreneurs with drawing up franchise agreements in this jurisdiction.

What are the advantages of a franchise in Slovakia?

Among the advantages of owning a franchise in Slovakia, we mention:

  • – The knowledge that the sold products are already appreciated;
  • – No extra work for a company logo or writing sales material;
  • – The prices for the company products or services are already established;
  • – Independence supported by the advantages of a big business network.

If you require further information about franchising in Slovakia, or for any other type of legal advice, please get in touch with our law firm in Slovakia.