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IT Law in Slovakia

IT Law in Slovakia

The IT law in Slovakia grants the protection of the rights of any individual or company using the online environment. The IT law in Slovakia is aimed at ensuring a secure online environment, promoting an effective management of information security, the protection of public administration information infrastructure and national and international cooperation.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can further advise you on the provisions of the IT legislation. 

Data privacy and software use in Slovakia

Slovak companies involved in electronic activities which require specific software programs have to verify if they are lawfully used. The originality of the software has to be certified through a software licensing contract which has to be provided to the company`s representatives when the software is bought. Some companies in Slovakia process personal data and confidential information about their clients and employees. This data has to be properly secured against any cyber attack and avoid litigation cases due to the misuse of digitally stored information. Personal data may include any information which can lead to the identification of an individual: name, address, marital status, date of birth, financial records, medical history and ID expiry date. It is highly recommended that companies operating in Slovakia which use store and personal data conclude privacy policies stating the management of this data.

Our team of Slovak solicitors can provide you with detailed information on the matter of data security law in this country and help you draw privacy policies.

Activities criminalized under the IT law in Slovakia

The IT law in Slovakia clearly stipulates five crimes expressly connected to cyberspace. These are the following:

•   Unauthorized access to a computer system;
•   Unauthorized intervention in a computer system;
•   Unauthorized capture of computer data;
•  Procurement and procession of access devices and computer passwords and other related data;
•  Unauthorized intervention in computer data.

Most of the cyber crimes, such as frauds and phishing, are prosecuted according to the provisions of the Penal Code. If you need professional advice on matters related to the IT law, don`t hesitate to get in touch with our attorneys in Slovakia.