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Open a Travel Agency in Slovakia

Open a Travel Agency in Slovakia

There are many industries in which foreign investors can open companies in Slovakia. Among these, IT, manufacturing and tourism are top investment sectors as they are promoted by the government. Foreign entrepreneurs who open companies in any of these industries will benefit from the same rights as local investors, therefore they do not need to worry about any special requirements imposed on them.

The opening of a travel agency in Slovakia is quite simple and requires respecting the national and the EU legislation applicable to such businesses. Below, our lawyers in Slovakia explain the steps related to opening a travel agency here. We can also assist with the registration of a travel agency in Slovakia.

Choosing a business form for setting a Slovak travel agency

In order to set up a travel agency, a local or foreign entrepreneur must respect the conditions imposed by the Company Law which implies registering one of the acknowledged business forms in order to complete any commercial activity, including for offering tourism services.

Among the types of companies which can be used for establishing a tour operator in Slovakia, the limited liability company is usually the recommended solution by our law firm in Slovakia. For foreign entrepreneurs, the following advantages should be considered:

  1.           they will have limited responsibility to the business’ debt and obligations, therefore their personal assets will be protected;
  2.           the minimum share capital for such business for is 2,500 euros and it is one of the lowest in Europe;
  3.           the limited liability company is quite easy to set up and register with the Companies Registrar;
  4.           the foreign investor can be the sole owner of a limited liability company, so no local partner is required;
  5.           if the foreign investor wants a partner, the limited liability company can be used for creating a joint venture.

If you plan on opening a travel agency and decided for a limited liability company, our Slovak lawyers can assist with its registration.

Obtaining the trade authorization in Slovakia

The opening of a travel agency in Slovakia implies, alongside the incorporation of a company, obtaining a trade license from the Trade License District in the Slovak city the company is registered in. In order to obtain such a license, the entrepreneur must fulfill certain conditions, among which:

  • –          he or she must be registered as a sole trader or must be the owner of any other business form in Slovakia;
  • –          the applicant must be the legal age of 18;
  • –          the applicant must have a clean criminal record;
  • –          the applicant must have a relevant education in the tourism field.

Our lawyers in Slovakia can offer more information on the requirements related to obtaining the necessary licenses for opening a travel agency in this country.

Other requirements for opening a travel agency in Slovakia

The establishment of a Slovak travel agency is subject to other requirements apart from those mentioned above. The Trades Act provides for the following requirements for those seeking to set up a tour operator in Slovakia:

  • –          if the business owner does not have the necessary experience or education in the tourism field, he or she can appoint a representative;
  • –          the person appointed as a company representative must give their consent for the position to fill;
  • –          the business owner must find a suitable location for the travel agency to complete its activities;
  • –          the chosen property must comply with the safety requirements imposed by the local authorities;
  • –          in order to be issued the authorization, the applicant must pay the license fee with the Trade License District.

It is useful to know that travel agents in Slovakia can also obtain the IATA certification. Our Slovak lawyers can explain the requirements related to obtaining the necessary licenses for a travel agency.

Services offered by travel agencies in Slovakia

Opening a travel agency in Slovakia has many advantages, among them is also the fact that it can offer various services. Among these, the agency can organize internal and external tours and vacations can sell various types of travel tickets (for selling plane tickets the IATA authorization is required), can organize 1-day tours, and many others.

travel agency in Slovakia can also organize various tourism events and participate in fairs in order to promote its services.

Those who want to set up travel agencies in Slovakia are not subject to difficult requirements which makes this type of business a very easy-to-set-up one. If you need assistance in opening a tour operator in this country, please contact our Slovak law firm. We will help you register it and obtain the necessary operating licenses.