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Set Up a Shop in Slovakia

Set Up a Shop in Slovakia

Slovakia is a member country of the EU which registers a rapid economic expansion. The buying power of its citizens registered also a steady growth, which makes of this place a welcoming one for new investments in retail business. Slovakia is an active and successful producer of various consumer goods, therefore, investors who want to open a shop in this country will have a wide range of local as well as international products to offer to their clients.

If you are considering starting a business in Slovakia, our law firm can help you with the legal aspects concerning the formation of a new enterprise by guiding you with the registration procedure with the authorities.

Location of a Slovak shop 

The first thing to keep in mind if you want your shop to catch the market in Slovakia is the place where you intend to set it up. You need to look for a visible spot for your shop in Slovakia, as well as for a circulated one in order to reach as many potential customers as possible. Depending on the type of products that you intend to sell, before making your investment, you might need to conduct first a research of the consumer habits related to specific areas of the Slovak cities. 

You need to keep in mind that the costs for renting or buying specific premises may vary in great deal depending on the location. This fact might influence the prices of the products you sell in the shop so you need to consider carefully which strategy is most efficient in covering your initial investments.

Our solicitors in Slovakia can assist you and give you all the preliminary information you need to know when signing a lease contract for a Slovak property.  Our lawyers can also help you in other corporate matters, such as VAT registration in Slovakia or trademark registration.

Signing a lease contract in Slovakia   

Before actually signing a contract for a property in Slovakia it is recommendable to inform yourself as much as possible on the potential drawbacks of the property in which you intend to open your shop in Slovakia. You can as well make use of the expertise of our Slovak solicitors and employ a due diligence service, which is going to determine and keep you informed on the hidden risks of a property in this country. 

 If you have found the right place where to set up your shop in Slovakia, you will need a lease contract or a sale-purchase contract in order to be able to use that location as the premises for your retail business. Our Slovak lawyers are ready to elaborate for you the agreement and make sure there are no disadvantageous clauses included.  

You are welcome to contact our law firm in Slovakia for a hassle free experience related to the set-up of your shop in this country. We can also assist you with requesting Slovak residency. For instance, a foreign national may first choose a temporary resident permit for family reunion, business, job, or education. These are the most frequent reasons given by foreigners for moving temporarily or permanently to this nation. Contact us for tailored support.